3 Ways to Add "Fall" to Your Home

Fall is definitely here to stay! If you haven't quite gotten in the spirit yet, I'm hoping this post will give you a couple really simple ways to add small touches of the new season to your house to make it feel like extra homey. As you know, I'm a neutral gal, so I'm not going to be putting tons of orange or black in my house, but what I do love doing is adding things to our living space that evoke feelings of the cozier months. Read on for my top 3 ways to add fall to your home...

Items with Texture: blankets, pillows...bring on the cozy! I grabbed this blanket during the Nordstrom sale and oh my gosh, it's the best blanket I've ever owned. My husband wants another so we can each have our own ;) Other ways to add texture to your house are through storage baskets, plants, wood or metal accents, trays, vases and art with visual texture, metallic tones, branches and wreaths. Texture is one of the main ways to make a space feel warm and inviting, which is why it's so important in the cooler months!

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Harvest + Pumpkin Touches: maybe this is on your porch if you have one, or maybe you simply fill a hurricane jar with pumpkins and gourds! I got one of my client's houses an adorable gold pumpkin from Target and set it on the bookshelf. It was perfect! Either way, doing something to celebrate the season is always fun! I'm big on celebrating, no matter how big or small. 
Fall Scents: whether this is with a diffuser and oils (try thieves and tangerine or citrus or cinnamon and vanilla!), a lovely fall candle (have you smelled the Trader Joe's candles? They have apple and pumpkin and I got both because #decisions), or making your own potpourri on the stove (try orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and nutmeg!), new smells awaken your senses, inspire you, and help get you into the fall mood!

What have you done to celebrate the season in your house?

Happy Monday!
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  1. Those Trader Joe's candles... They were scooped up so fast! Especially the apple. I actually preferred the pumpkin, so it worked out for me that the apple went first :)

    1. They were, you’re right!! They were so good. I liked both so much! I hope they have a Christmas one :)


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