Easy Hairstyles Anyone Can Do for Fall

I've always LOVED doing hair. So much so that when I was little, I wouldn't even let my mom do it cute-- I would always do it myself. Pretty sure I arrived at the hospital to meet my baby brother at the age of 3 with tons of plastic hair clips and too many ponytails to count! I think this is actually where my creativity first came out and despite some ridiculous hairstyles that are memorialized in photo books, I'm thankful my mom let me play around and experiment in this department. (Though I'll be begging God to bless me with a daughter who lets me do her hair cute all the time! ;)) 

I have really thick hair, which is great in some ways because it holds a curl really well. But it's also a bit course (thanks, mom) which means there is no air-drying for me! I've always loved curling my hair (straightening takes too long), but just curling it every day and leaving it down can get boring. I'm sharing a couple SUPER SIMPLE, like can't-believe-I'm-making-these-into-a-tutorial-simple, hairstyles I do once my hair is curled.

I start by using either my curling wand (which is what I did here, 3/4" wide) or my regular curling iron, which is 1" wide. Get more tips on curling hair from this post. (I'm in the market for a new curling iron and I'm hoping to try this one  because of amazing reviews with my birthday money :))

The first one is one I do all the time. On the opposite side of the way my hair parts, I take a small section of hair at the top by my part.

Twist it back, holding it in the direction you'll be pinning it. This just needs to be a loose twist (anything tight and you'll lose the volume at the top). Take your bobby pin and grab the twisted hair from the back, pushing the open end of the pin forward in the hair. The pin will be held in place and hidden under the twisted piece.

The second one is also extremely easy! I'm sharing this one because I was wearing this style on Instagram a couple months ago and got a few questions about it. This is like a classier play on a middle school hairstyle ;)

Once your hair is curled grab the top section of hair, leaving some to cover your ears (at least, that's how I like it best).

Get a small elastic and start putting that top part of hair into a LOOSE, tousled (read: do not slick back) half-up ponytail. Instead of putting the hair through the loop on the last go around, leave the tail in creating a bun.

We want this to look messy, so I jostle it around a little and pull some hairs out if needed (by the way, this totally goes against my perfectionist tendencies ha!)

In order to get some volume from the front, push your bun a little and secure with two hair pins.


Hope these two little ideas spark some inspiration in the hair department!


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  1. Thanks! I have curly hair too and don't like to spend a lot of time doing things to it. I love both styles. I wouldn't have thought to pin the pony/bun to make sure the volume stays. Love the sleeves on your dress!

    1. Yes!! A little trick I learned from my bff who’s a hair stylist;) and thank you! The sleeves are what sold me. Well that and there are bows on the back, too!


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