Maternity Photos

This is a really special post to be sharing today, because I really never knew if we'd ever get to take maternity pictures while we were going through infertility. It seemed like a far-off dream. But it is here! We have two healthy baby boys growing in my belly and I'm just so grateful we got to capture this special time in our lives. My friend Ashley did a beautiful job and I know they are photos we will treasure forever and ever! 

I was 28 weeks when we took these, so I've grown quite a bit since then ;) It was April, which in Michigan means the landscape is still very much dead looking. I was so excited to find this beautiful greenhouse nearby called The Glass House. It was just the perfect backdrop! My dress is Nothing Fits But and it is legitimately the most comfortable, well-made dress I own. It's not maternity (but is marketed as maternity friendly), so I envision keeping it forever!

We love you so much, little babies, and can't wait to meet you so soon!

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