Traditional Tudor with A Colorful Makeover

House Beautiful 

This colorful home sure is inspiring, don't you think?! I love all the fun patterns and hues spread throughout the house. What I love most is the fact that this is a traditional tudor style home, but has since been updated with this eclectic and bright palette by designer, Sara Gilbane. That sort of renovation takes guts!

A few of my favorite elements:
1. That butterfly art over the turquoise sofa. 
2. Speaking of that, I equally love the turquoise sofa :)
3. Navy blue molding in the bedroom.
4. The funky, bold stripes in the bathroom. 

Like I always sway, although this isn't my exact personal style, it's fun to admire other styles and pick out things I truly love. We can all appreciate and learn from other designs, right?! 

If you are a blogger, I recommend reading this insightful commentary on Design Sponge the way blogs are changing and what's going to be important over the next year or so. Grace executed this article so well and I agree with everything she said!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. That floral wallpaper is so much fun... what an interesting detail!

    Chelsea & The City

  2. That kitchen table is to die for. What an inviting home!

  3. Wow! What a house! I didn't expect the inside to look like that from the photo on the outside.

    <3 Daryl

  4. I really love that big sectional by the fireplace. We have a huge sectional in our family room, and I will never go back to a traditional couch and chairs ((at least not in our informal family room)) ever again! I had never thought to make it a built in like that, but love it.


  5. Beautiful house, loving that dining room table!

  6. That house is gorgeous! Inside and out! I love the den!


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