January Spotlight

Happy weekend!! Today I'm showing off a few of my favorite, very talented ladies! 

Led by her mantra, "painting is a celebration of life," Georgia based artist Evelyn Henson creates brightly colored work to uncover the the celebration in the everyday. Though she's had a lifelong love for all things creative, Evelyn didn't first pick up the paint brush until May 2012, when she was inspired to paint her Mom a Mother's Day gift. That first floral still life for Mother's Day immediately instilled Evelyn with a love for painting, and she hasn't put down the paint brush since. Influenced by her studies as an Art History major, Evelyn spent the following year exploring various styles and subjects, painting everything from elephants to perfume bottles. After graduating in May 2013, she quickly began selling her art online. Now, you can find a wide variety of carefully designed prints + paintings for sale in her shop. Through her designs, she strives to create chic and stylish artwork for the modern girl.


 I started The Life of the Party as a way to document past parties for my children, family and close friends and it’s since morphed into a fashion and interior design lifestyle blog.  I’m very passionate about design and find my brain constantly swimming with ideas of new and interesting color combinations and mixing of fabric textures and patterns. This blog has turned my passion into action; I’m constantly inspired by everything that surrounds me on a daily basis and The Life of the Party is my place to bring those thoughts and ideas to life.


Brittany is a blogger & designer of many things. From blogs to fonts to logos, her passion is design & creating beautiful visuals. She is the voice behind Gallery No. Eight, a curated site full of art, decor, fashion & the lovely things that inspire her. Currently working as a designer & illustrator, she has been blogging for over 2 years and enjoys working with bloggers to make their visions come to life.


Check out these gals and have a blessed weekend, my friends! I'm off to visit a client and put together some projects for the next few weeks. 
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