At Home Spring Flower Bouquet

A few weeks ago I went to the flower market with a client and, of course, couldn't help but pick up a few of my favorites flowers for our house. I grabbed the pink peonies, lavender sweat peas, and white anemones. While checking out, I always ask the worker if they're going to be throwing out any flowers I could perhaps take off their hands at a discount or for free ;) He said yes, I could have these gorgeous tulips! Are you kidding me?! These were perfectly healthy tulips, nowhere near the end of their lives, and I scored them for free. Always remember to ask about that!

I came home and made a simple floral arrangement for our dining room. 
Step one, find a pretty vase or vessel. I love this honeycomb vase. {Also, side note, I think we're going to be seeing the honeycomb pattern make a BIG appearance this next year, especially in wedding design.}

Step two: start with the tulips...

Step three: add sweet peas...

Step four: add the peonies.  I did two open buds on the right side, and one closed bud on the left. 

Step five: place the anemones to fill in the holes….

I had a few flowers left over, so I made a smaller arrangement for my room as well. In this one, I cut some Jasmine off our bush in our front yard, and holy wow. This combination of flowers smells like Hawaii bottled up in a jar, mixed with a little slice of Heaven :)

Photos: Michaela Noelle Designs / honeycomb vase

I can't wait for peony season, so all the local markets/grocery stores will carry them! Do you adore this sweet and girly flower combination as much as I do?! I think they're just perfect for the Spring weather we've been having here in California. 

Happy Tuesday! xoxo
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PS. Speaking of blooms, did you see my big announcement last week? I'll be co-hosting a creative workshop this June in Michigan. Hope you can make it! Registration opens on Thursday.


  1. I love the anemones! It is raining here today so I needed this bright pick-me-up!

  2. Aww those look beautiful! Love the pastel colors!

  3. Beautiful. I love a mix of flowers!!

  4. Really beautiful Michaela! Peonies are one of my favorites, too, and can't wait to pick up a few bunches. I planted some in our garden as well. Although any kind of flower makes me happy! Your photo are lovely!!

  5. I love having fresh flower arrangements in my apartment and your arrangements are beautiful! Love those vases as well.
    Dana Kay

  6. So beautiful! Peonies are my favourite so I cannot wait they come into season! not many places around here stock them though so I've got some peonies plants for the garden this year!

    Five Minute Style 

  7. So so pretty! I love the colorings of those tulips.

  8. Such a good idea to ask about the flowers! That vase would fit in perfectly with my house. I’m keeping an eye out for it on my next trip to West Elm!


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