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A few months back, I talked openly about my skincare struggles, routine, makeup and more.  Today I wanted to just talk about makeup and all my favorite products as of lately. I'm not one to really love makeup, take a ton of time to put it on or anything like that, but I do like how my face looks once it's all on there. I think for me, it's more of a hassle to do, but I always do it and rarely leave the house without it on. Who else is like that?

My makeup routine takes me about 10 minutes in the morning. After washing my face (I use this scrub three times a week) I then apply the basics:
Smashbox primer, Dermalogica moisturizer, Covergirl concealer, and Jane Iredale powder (I use "suntan" in the spring/summer.)

Next I do my under eye "fake up" by Benefit (sometimes I do this under the powder…just depends! Either way I'm obsessed with it, because it covers under eye circles like no other), and then dab on a tiny touch of Bare Minerals well-rested under eye illuminator. I finish with blush.

For the eyes, I am extremely simple. I never wear eye shadow (unless it's a special occasion!) Here's my routine:
Almay eggplant colored eyeliner for the bottom (this brings out blue/green eyes, like mine.)
Mac black eyeliner for the top lid
1 coat of Clinique mascara
1 coat of Bare Minerals mascara

Lips are my favorite to play with! I love color on my lips, but always start with vaseline or a minty balm to hydrate. Here's my lip favorites (from left to right):
Smith's Rosebud Salve (the BEST thing ever)
Estee Lauder gloss in Pink Kiss 
Bare Minerals Moxie in Heartbreaker
Benefit Hydrating Lip Color in Talk Flirty
Mac Lipstick in Sunny Seoul

That's it! Face, cheeks, eyes, lips…all in under 10 minutes. What's your routine and what are some of your fave products?! I'm always looking for an eyeliner that PROMISES not to smear onto my lid. This Mac one I use is okay, but still gets in my crease. Does anyone else have that problem? Talk to me :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I've searched for years for a black liner to smoke out my bottom lashes for nights out, and still unsuccessful. Fingers crossed it will happen one day! Love your choices in lip colors!

  2. Bobbi Brown makes a cream eyeliner that is great!!!

  3. Great post, Michaela! Right now my favorite things to put on my face are the Olay regenerist cleanser and moisturizer and Garnier's shine control bb cream. I enjoy finding THE products that work best for me. Reliability is important.

  4. Great post!! I have to use an eye primer (Urban Decay & Too Faced both make great ones) or else anything I put on my eyelid will crease like crazy. In terms of long-lasting eyeliners, Nars makes fantastic ones - I think they're called 'larger than life eyeliners'? Once they set, they don't budge!! And Urban Decay has a great eyeliner line too. xo

  5. I used to have the same problem with eyeliner until I found Paladio liquid liner at Sally's. It has changed my eyelining life! It has a felt tip so it's super easy to apply and it stays on all day with no smearing. It's around $5 so it's super affordable and lasts forever (get the bottle, not the tube). I suggest it to everyone!

  6. One quick question...Do you put the primer on before the moisturizer?

  7. Those lip gloss colors look lovely! I think I'm going to have to try some of them out!


  8. I have black eyeliner from Mac-different kind and never have a problem with it smearing. I use a lid primer however. (Mac also, painterly)

  9. I love Chanel eyeliner in the liquid pens and I also love the Trish McEvoy gel eyeliner in Arabian Nights! If you want a fine line for cat eye go with the Chanel, if you want to put the eyeliner inside of your eyes for a smokey eye or even to smudge it go with the Trish. Her pencils even have a smudge stick on one end. I wear contacts sometimes and have very sensitive eyes and these never hurt my eyes even when I line the inner rims! BTW - I am going to try the benefit concealer and the primer you like. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I am not a big make up girl and I actually leave the house on a normal work day without anything on my face except lipgloss and an under eye brightener! Even when I wear a face full my routine is so simple, bare minerals foundation, some sort of blush, mascara and lipgloss!

    Five Minute Style 

  11. Definitely going to have to try a few of these products! I have a very all over the place makeup routine, and it definitely needs improving.

  12. Great tips! Need to find an eggplant coloured eyeliner!
    Where I live it's too unbearably hot (going into hot season and temps are going well over 110F) to wear make up, so I just slab on some moisturizer, a bit of under eye concealer and bronzing powder to tackle the shine from being constantly clammy, topped of with some heat/humidity proof mascara and a swipe of Clinique's Chubby stick in mega melon or voluptuous violet. Only if I'm going to an event that is inside with aircon would I consider anymore make up, like an eyeliner.

  13. What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing your tips and routine, I love seeing how other people use certain products that I already have xxx


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