Seeing Green

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Well, it's not my favorite color in the entire world, but pops of all sorts of green are slowly growing on me. There's obviously no denying I love it in plants and flowers, as a way to bring the outdoors inside. Green is the color of freshness and life, tranquility, jealousy, good luck (of course!) and is said to aid in relieving stress when used in interiors.  How do you feel about the color green? That reminds me to wear a little green today :)

Hope you have a wonderful day and if you celebrate, enjoy it! {My Monday will be spent the same as any other Monday!}

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. So pretty! Have a fantastic Monday.

  2. Green is by far my favorite color! It was actually our one and only wedding color, aside from white of course! Those flowers are beautiful!


  3. I love that succulent bouquet! I would never have thought to use succulents for a bridal bouquet. We don't really have any green in our house but I do love to bring fresh greenery in from the garden.

  4. The dresser is beautiful. Green is a tricky one… but I think leaves count ;)

  5. Love those green chairs! The dark one is awesome!


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