Client Reveal: Casual and Cool Family Room

Last week I headed to the flower market in San Francisco with a client. Together, we picked out two pretty ferns and pots that would sit on the hearth of their fireplace. I've been working with this client over the last month or so to just give her family room that "finishing touch", as the space has beautiful bones and they did a great job with it to start with. All the woodwork you'll see in the photos used to be a darker wood and they {rightfully, in my opinion!} painted it white when they moved in the house. I think this white really makes the gorgeous brick fireplace standout.

With a few new accessories, some rearranging of the decor and some other new furniture pieces in the room, it feels like a breath of life was breathed into the space.  After we picked out the ferns at the flower market, I headed over to my client's house to style the shelves and check out the room's progress. Today I'm sharing it with you!

Before of the bookshelves:

After some styling, the bookshelves are complete:

Pretty new ferns that are extremely low maintenance!

It's amazing what clearing off the shelves does for your perspective. That's how I always start-- take everything off and start fresh. I always begin by placing a few stacks of books here and there, then add in the objects and picture frames. These particular clients had some amazing pieces from their travels, so the accessorizing was quite easy and fun!

Love this pale blue pitcher for some color:

If we zoom out a little bit, you can see how large the room room is. To fill the space, they already had this great sectional and pretty rug. In order to give the room the finished look they desired, I suggested this amazing console table, a pair of mercury glass lamps, poufs and some fun throw pillows. Without the console table, the sectional couch felt like it was floating in the room, but with it, it feels like it was a vignette perfectly suited for the large space. 

A few of my favorite pillows:

My client's son has a play area on the side of the room and we decided to hang some of his art on the wall above "his" space. I think it's so cute!

These poufs add texture, while also providing extra seating, should more guests come over.

My client is getting this wood cloche to sit on top of this stack of books. A succulent will go inside the glass cloche. Should be adorable!

Behind the family room area is a small nook, used a wet bar. All I did was find this mirror and pendant light to brighten up the space.

I adore little terrariums and this is one of my favorites.

What do you think?! Such a gorgeous room! The exposed wood beams had me from the second I walked in. It's been so fun to help take this lovely room, my clients had already created, to the next level by adding a few finishing touches and restyling the bookcases. You can shop a few of my favorite accessories for bookshelves (I also through in my fave pillows, too!) below:

What's your favorite element in the family room?
Happy Tuesday!


  1. This might be my favorite room you’ve ever done!

  2. I love this room! I've been struggling with what to put next to our fireplace and I love the sweet little ferns! I'm going to have to try something simple like that!

  3. I adore the console table. Too bad I don't have the $$ to pick that up and put it in my living room. It would be the perfect complement to my coffee table.

  4. Exposed wood beams are incredible. I feel like they are so stylish by themselves that a room builds itself around them a lot of the time. I love seeing little treasures displayed on bookshelves. They tell a story don't they? :)

  5. What a gorgeous room! The fireplace and wood beams are just to die for!

  6. What an AWESOME space! I love the builtins and how you styled them and really...everything else about the room!! xo

  7. What the what!!!! This space is so amazing!!! You styled it to perfection!!!


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