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Happy weekend! As usual, I have some awesome ladies for you to meet and greet. I adore each and every one of these talented gals. Learn a little about them and then go say hello!

Hi there! My name is Marcela Barraza, I was born and raised in Chile, South America.  I came to the US following the love of my life who I met when we both were 18 years old. I’m the mother of a beautiful 10 year old girl.  I love everything that is home related: organizing, decorating and cleaning!  

I’m the founder of MB Green Cleaning, a home cleaning company in NYC and my mission is to teach everyone I can the importance of a green cleaning and how we can live healthier by making small changes on items we use on a daily basis, whether it be in our homes or on our bodies.  Tu Casa Blog was born last year and it is the outlet of my daily routine.  I hope people get to see what I do there and hopefully get inspired. I prefer tea over coffee, Summer over Winter, snow over rain (since I can't avoid Winter in NYC!), beach over country and funny movies over horror films.

Hey, I'm Shannon from GBO Fashion!  What's GBO stand for?? When my sisters and I were younger, we’d always get each other’s opinion on how we looked before going out. Sort of by accident, we came up with a quick & easy rating system – we’d simply look at each other and say ‘GBO?’. Translation: ‘Do I look Good, Bad or Ok?’. Now, these gals seem sweet enough from the pic, but don’t let em’ fool ya – when it comes to rating a fellow sister, they were BRUTALLY honest. Here’s a sampling of the kinds of answers we’d get: ‘Well your outfit is G but your face is B. You need to go re-cover that naaasty zit on your chin!’  Yep! That’s about how it went. Are you judging us right now for how ridic we were? Yeah, me too. 
Well, you get to rate my outfits according to the GBO rating system over at my blog. It's fun...and sometimes I share hilarious pictures in the weekly woofs and woots. Come visit me for lots of fashion, thrifting advice, and style inspiration. It's a party!
Hi Y'all! I'm Stephanie, my home on the web is stephaniesterjovski.com & I also own the newly opened SS Print Shop! I am a student majoring in communications, photographer, lifestyle blogger & freelance writer. I have a big heart for my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, getting to know people & their stories, helping others, photographing beautiful moments, rolling around with my husky and my beautiful soul of a boyfriend. My heart is the happiest when I am by the ocean or when I witness acts of kindness. After I graduate, I have dreams of travelling the world for two months and soaking in all the beauty God has created. I believe that working hard, being nice to people, and always being thankful (even during your trials), will allow for amazing things to happen in your life. 

I feel blessed to have connected with Michaela through this busy blogging world and wanted to take the time to thank her for the opportunity to be featured on her amazing website. She is a talent & a beautiful person, with a gorgeous heart. 
I am an outgoing, silly person who loves to laugh and meet new people! I have an obsession with shopping, minnie mouse, and the color pink. Everything happens for a reason and the small things in life always make me the happiest. I believe in true love and I know I have found mine. My life is captured through photographs and I hope to capture just a slice of your fabulous life too! I am based out of San Luis Obispo on California's Central Coast, but ready to travel anywhere to photograph fabulous weddings! My hope is for you to fall in love with your pictures over and over again, and I want you to be more then a client, I want you to be a friend.

Danielle and I are doing a photo shoot together this weekend in Santa Barbara. It's going to be epic. Stay tuned :)

Have a great weekend!



Thank you for stopping by! If you have a specific question, please email me at hello@michaelanoelledesigns.com. I always reply to emails! Have a blessed day! xoxo

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