Our Home Project Goals for 2020

A new year means more house projects! While we got the big things done to our new house already, there are a couple things we need to finish to make it feel "done". I use the term done loosely ;) The first part of the list is just decorating, but the bottom two items are more of our large projects.

We'll of course take you behind the scenes with all of these updates. I may even have my husband write a blog post on how to build a deck, as that is his most exciting project!

Living Room:
- Art for blank wall by the ladder (thinking Juniper Print Shop)

Dining Room:
- Art for blank wall behind table (it currently has something from our old apartment but it's hand lettered, and I'm kind of over that look!)
- 2 more chairs for table. I'm thinking these. 

- We'd love to install some under cabinet lighting, but this is low on our priority list
- We have a tall pantry area of shelves and it's deep, so it's very hard to reach food in the back of the shelves! We want to install pull out shelves for easier access and get lots of bins / baskets to keep things organized. Let's just say currently, Marie Kondo would be scared ;)

- Runner (our hardwood is so cold, this will be nice to have / it'll also cut down on noise walking down the hall!)

Master Bedroom:
- Mirror for over dresser
- Curtains?
- New Bench
- Art
- New mattress or mattress topper (we want a memory foam one!)
- New appropriately sized rug

Guest Room / My Office:
- Side tables
- New Desk?
- Hang shelf above desk
- Style
- Move rug from our room to this room!

Powder Room:
- Wallpaper! Tips welcome, this will be my first time ;) I'm considering the Magnolia Home peel and stick. Anyone worked with it before? 

- We'd love to get a doorbell camera and install a couple motion sensored lights outside.

BUT the biggest projects of the year will definitely be the basement and backyard!

- Box in laundry room, dry wall, paint, new floor, barn door painted a fun deep green or navy blue. It's currently in the middle of the basement haha.
- Carpet the rest of the basement
- Insulate & shiplap ceiling
- Eventually we will add a bar and fix up the bathroom down there (it's already piped), but not sure if this will happen in 2020.

- Build a deck off our dining room slider this spring (my husband is building this with some friends!)
- Add more seed (it's really patchy from last fall's seed we had done because rain came almost the next day...)
- Create some flower beds and landscape
- Patio furniture for the deck
- Fire pit!

Stay tuned for the basement progress-- I'll do a post showing the befores so you can see what we're working with. We're hoping to get the laundry room framed in in the next month or so! As a sneak peek to my design ideas, I'm hoping to do a cool barn door in a fun deep color, like this for the door to the new laundry room:

becki owens

What do you think?! Thanks for tuning in to see our house updates!

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