She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Lemon and Lavender

Today we are listening to Ashley's loves and loves-me-not's from Lemon and Lavender

Ashley is so beautiful- inside and out- and she never fails to make me ohh! and awww! over her posts.  I've already told her she will be designing my wedding invitations {you know, when that time comes(: }
Take it away, girl!

She Loves Me:

1.  This saying found on Pinterest.  It really resonates with the decisions I need to make right now in my life and my business.

2.  Adorable cobalt dress at Delia's.  Perfect inexpensive bridesmaid choice!

3.  This clutch at ila handbags.

4.)  Dessert Bars for weddings and parties.  Love this gelato themed dessert bar found on Pinterest

5.  White bedding.  Love this West Elm duvet.

She Loves Me Not:

1. Comic Sans.  Enough said :)

2.  Being Late, and since I've had two babies, I am always late.

3. Traffic. I don't have patience and again that thing about being late!

4. Wedge Flip Flops.  No offense but I just don't like them and never will.

5. Love grilling out but don't like BBQ sauce.   I don't know why!  I just don't!!!

Thanks so much for having me Michaela!!  
Thank you for sharing, Ashley! What beautiful pictures! I love that blue dress and adorable clutch.  I've also just recently heard to avoid Comic I will from now on! (:

Be sure to stop by Ashley's AMAZINGLY beautiful blog today for lots of wedding inspiration and other stunning photos (:

Also...check out my guest post at Recycled Consign and Design!
Amanda's blog is so cute, you'll love it...promise!

What are you loving and not loving today?



  1. Love how all her "loves" were wedding themed... even something about the white duvet seems wedding-y. (Sometimes I like to add y's to the ends of words hehe)

    Wait why are we all avoiding comic sans?! It's just an obnoxious font? I'm glad I read this because I had no idea... although I don't think I use it haha

    oh and couldn't agree more on traffic... which is why I'm happy to live in a smaller town an hour from DC... eeewww DC traffic!


  2. i just got stressed out for a second thinking maybe i used comic sans. i dont think i do. but now im paranoid.

  3. Love the first saying!! Ok, I hadn't heard the comic sans thing either?!

  4. I'm loving her loves!

    I'm not a fan of the wedge flip flop either!

  5. Lovely post! Oh comic sans haha I also dislike Papyrus, but that might just be me haha Love the dress and clutch!

  6. I love her loves especially the wedding dessert bar! I strongly dislike Comic Sans too and all of the teachers I work with use it! Ughh HAHA I'm off to check out your guest post :)

  7. Love this post!! I'm totally with Ashley on the wedge flip flops, so tacky!! And they are super popular in my corner of Louisiana. And I also love grilling out but HATE BBQ sauce!

  8. Love this post! I too agree about Comic sans.. makes my skin crawl lol:)

  9. LOL. I am with you on pretty much all of these . . . although BBQ sauce works for me. The dessert bar is just stunning. So effortless looking.

  10. love love love that clutch!!! too cute!

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  11. Haha this is so cute. That blue dress looks a lot like the one I'm using for my bridesmaids! Love all the pictures!

  12. omg i love the keep calm and avoid comic sans!!! so going to still that lol

  13. lol about comic sans, I wonder if I've used that font... hahaha

    I love desert & candy bars too! But that's because I have a really big sweet tooth:)

  14. Ashley is too cute! I agree, I've never really liked wedge flip flops, and I do LOVE dessert tables/bars at weddings! Yum. Yum.

    Night, love.

  15. the dessert bar is amazing! Such a great idea!

  16. Super cute wedding inspiration in her loves and I am the same way about wedge heels...not a fan! :)

  17. Such a fun post. Love Ashley!
    I couldn't agree more about the poster...and comic sans...ha ha!
    Thanks both of you!

  18. ugh comic sans is terrible!

    Love that blue dress. cobalt is so gorgeous!

  19. i love the ice cream stand! so cute!

  20. Still laughing at the comic sans poster! Hilarious!

  21. Im so confused! Whats wrong with Comic Sans? Am I missing something?

  22. Love that dress and clutch!!


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