She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Bijou and Boheme

Hi friends! I'm super excited for another installment of She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not. This week I have the ever-stylish and always spunky Christine from Bijou and Boheme
Her house is fabulous...especially these fun new chairs she just recovered.  I'm totally smitten with Christine's style and her sweet personality. I know you'll love hearing her loves and loves-me-nots!

Hi there Michaela Noelle fans.
I'm happy as punch to be here today sharing my loves and love me nots.
First up, the good stuff.

1. Burberry

Truth be told, I've never been much of a label girl...I generally prefer to spend my spoils on pretty things for my house. sweet hubster just surprised me with that magnificent coat on the right and well...I might just have become Burberry's number one fan.
I've purchased a long wool coat every 2 years for about 15 and none have lasted more than a couple of seasons.
I can tell already that this will be my forever coat.
It's gloriously soft, perfectly tailored and just feels so well made.
I still feel a little ill about the money shelled out on this beauty's pretty much made me want winter all year long and if a garment can do that, must be a good thing.

2. Blonde hair dye

It seems silly to think I'm just discovering this now.
I've been highlighting my hair since the tender age of 13.
But last week, something changed.
I learned there's now blonde all over dye- it takes half the time to process, costs a third the price, and colours the entire head...and the best part, instead of stripping each hair, it thickens the strands.
My hair is a much more natural blonde now...more like the right photo than the also feels thicker and because it's not screaming for moisture, is needing washing only half as often.
All of the above = bliss for this girl.

3. Bows

Feminine, pretty, sweet and a little saucy...bows are such a perfectly girly adornment.
I'm obsessed with bow front blouses and dresses at the moment...I must own a large pink version...soon.

4. My new art

I've recently added a bunch of fabulous art to my home and I'm in love with all of it.
In my mind, nothing makes a home more beautiful than walls packed with the stuff...and for me, the more feminine the better.
If you're looking for some of my favourites, check out the shops of:
Esther Bayer, Kim Davies, Leigh Viner, Betsy Podlach, Eleni Sofroniou and Debbie Carlos.
Adore them all.

5. Books

Like art, I love love love pretty books.
If there's an open flat surface in my house, it's most definitely filled with stacks of my favourite reads.

6. Medinilla Magnifica

I just discovered this plant last week and I can not possibly express how much I love it.
To me it's like an orchid and giant house plant got married and had a perfectly divine love's the perfect mix of floral and greenery...large styles.
I'm praying I can keep mine alive...completely makes my hallway come to life.

And now for the not so fabulous...

1. Gluten Free

I'm on week 5 of this and I have to say, I am feeling SO much better- more energy, better skin etc. BUT...I miss 'real' bread and cookies and pasta.  Yes there are alternatives, which are all pretty great actually but they're just not as good and so much more expensive...not the end of the world but not something I love dealing with.

2. Chicken Pox

We've just gone through 3 weeks of this in my house and I'm beyond over it.
My son had them in his mouth and ears...horrible.
I vaccinated my daughter so it was really nothing with son on the other needle and hideous pox...all of which added up to severe mommy guilt.
Hate this one.

3.  Me and computers

I am starting to think I'm actually cursed when it comes to computers.
I blog/work/use the things every day and can't imagine my life without them but...I have the WORST luck.
I'm on computer 3...and that's just this year alone.
My current one is 2 months old and is already mis-behaving.
My last one broke 4 times (in different ways) in less than 6 months.
@*#%@#)*$ !!!!

4. Laundry

We just don't mix.
I loathe it.
The folding...the carting up two flights of stairs...the putting away...all bad.

And on that happy note...a big thank you to Michaela for having me...was simply delightful putting this together :)
Thanks, Christine! I love all the art in her home! She's definitely got an eye for that (: And booo chicken pox...I had them when I was two and a half/three and I distinctly remember it being the worst thing ever! 

Be sure to stop by Bijou and Boheme for more loveliness!

What are you loving this week?


  1. I love bows too... I like the femininity of them (in moderation of course). And books are the best as well! I love her blog... very fun and chic and pretty all at the same time. :) Happy Wednesday!

  2. I absolutely love Christine! She is so cute and I love her stream-of-consciousness style of writing. Great post Michaela!



  3. Christine makes me smile every time I read her posts. She is hilarious and has fabulous taste! I adore those burberry coats, too...

  4. Loved reading this! The love child plant is cracking me up. I learned some new things so I need to check them out! Wonderful day to both of you.

  5. That is a magnificent plant! I've never heard of it until now.

  6. Thank you again for having me Michaela- was such a treat to visit your delightful blog!!! xoxo

  7. Her blog is just beautiful. Such a great series you do here!

  8. I totally love all those big bows!!

  9. I love Christine's style! And I'm so glad she mentioned Esther Bayer in the art section, Esther just did my new blog header and I think she's so sweet and talented! I'm happy to hear others are noticing her gorgeous work.


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