{Recipe} Tropical Temptation

Over our vacation my Grandma {yep, you read that correctly- my Grandma!} showed us one of her favorite fruity drinks.  I turned 21 last November, so I'm still experimenting with drinks and finding out what I like and don't like. Let me tell ya, I more than liked this one! It has just the right amount of fruity flavor.  And what fruity drink is complete without an umbrella?? Just plop me on a beach in Hawaii and I would have been in Heaven;)
See for yourself!

Tropical Temptation:

 1 shot tequila
1 shot pineapple juice
1/2 shot grenadine
1 shot club soda or ginger ale
Slice of pineapple for your garnish
**we also added a splash of blood orange soda at the end, which was delicious!**

Shake it up with some ice and serve.  Enjoy!
What do YOU have planned this weekend? I'll be refinishing a friend's entry table, priming my bedroom and going on a hike with some friends. 
Hooray for Friday!

PS. Check out my guest post on Yvonne's blog, Simply Yvonne.  I'm sharing about how my fashion sense translates into my design choices. 


  1. That and a beach are a deadly combo.LOL

  2. OOOO this looks delicious!!

    im so in love with tequila. Its such an issue. But i am SUCH a lightweight hahah its awful but awesome at the same time!

    ill deff be trying this verrrrrry soon!

    this weekend going to a friends cookout and then going out on the boat to the beach on Sunday! WOO!! a hike sounds fantastic i might have to throw that in or a bike ride!

    have a good weekend pumpkin!!


  3. You should try grenadine mixed with lemonade. It is amazing!!

  4. ive never had tequila, this might be a good way to ease into it! fun recipe. gosh i just love summer drinks.


  5. Yummm this looks delicious! Have fun priming your bedroom! Make sure you have a fun fruity drink while you do that too :). Painting is always more fun with a cocktail.

  6. That looks AMAZING! I am definitely going to have to try that.

  7. Michaela! I have been meaning to catch up on your blog all month! I have been a bad blog friend--sorry about that :). Hope you are doing well, sweet girl!! This drink looks amazing, I love anything with pineapple in it! I may have to save it for when I'm done nursing :).

  8. Let's plan on some when I'm home. FOR SURE <3

  9. I am definitely going to have to try this one out for summer! What color is your nail polish? It's awesome!

  10. Confused. Did you intentionally capitalize Heaven?

  11. need to try this recipe pronto! soooo yummy.


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