She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Amanda Carol at Home

Today for my She Loves Me series, I have the beautiful and talented Amanda here from Amanda Carol at Home
Amanda is an interior designer based in Texas, and she shares my love for all things design. Over in her neck of the woods, you'll find inspiration, peeks into her own home, and client projects. Take a look at her stunning home here. You're sure to enjoy Amanda's loves and love-me-nots!

Hello all!  Im Amanda from Amanda Carol at Home.  Im so excited that Michaela asked me to participate in her She Love Me, She Loves me not series.

She Loves Me:
Starbucks- need I say more?  Im not a coffee drinker, but I have to have my daily Grande Awake Tea Latte with soy and classic syrup.

Anything Gold or Gilded. I have been on many occasions to break out the gold spray paint to get the Midas Touch.

Source: Simple Details

Fabulous Fabric-  I am a fabric snob and think that any space can be instantly glamed up with good quality fabrics.
Source: Pinterest
Source: Caitlin Wilson Textiles

She Loves me not:

Walmart and all the crazies that shop there.  I will shop Target any day of the week, but refuse to step into a Walmart. And the times I have had to shop Walmart I most certainly lose my religion that day.

Source: People of Walmart
  Thank you Michaela for having me here today!
Thank you for sharing! I don't know anyone who doesn't love Starbucks.  And to be honest with you all, I have only been to Walmart one time in my whole life and it was in Louisiana last summer when I visited Megan. She made me go in as a joke :)

Go say hello to Amanda today! 
Happy Wednesday! What are YOU loving this week?
PS. The She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not monthly link up will be NEXT Wednesday- September 5th. Please share your own loves and love-me-nots and join the link party!
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  1. I agree with all your loves, but will definitely brave the Wal-Mart! We have a nice one right by my house that opened last year:) Have a great day Michaela!

  2. Hahahaha...totally agree about Walmart! Unfortunately I shop there. UGH!

  3. Uggh... Walmart is the Evil Empire on my Do Not Shop List As Well:)
    Love your blog!

  4. Nothing on your list surprises me! Love those gold dipped jars for sure!

  5. oh how i love me some starbucks!!

    and there's walmart... i hate shopping there but it's the closest store that isn't an hour away! :-/

  6. Love those gold dipped jars and my friend Amanda!


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