She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Stephanie Sterjovski

This Wednesday I have one of my dearest blog friends here taking part in my She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not series. Meet Stephanie, of Stephanie Sterjovski Photography.
Her sweet soul, love for God, and talent in photography and design are three things that make me proud to be her friend.  I know you'll enjoy her loves and love-me-nots!

1. My Nealy. I cannot credit myself for everything I have accomplished without
my number one fan, and long-time boyfriend Neal. He helps me in so many ways,
but best of all loves me to pieces. I sure am spoiled. He'll forever top my love list!

2. Joyce Meyer Devotional. I cannot start my day without hearing from God.
 I won't leave the house unless I have prayed, because I know my day
 just isn't as good without Him. This devotional helps me apply the beautiful 
lessons of the bible to my life. I meditate on a scripture everyday to keep me close to
Him. Joyce is also my favourite, the way she speaks about life and God, has helped
my spirituality immensely. I recommend her books & on-line sermons:
She doesn't mess around! She will tell you like it is, and boy do I need that sometimes.

3. Cozy Knits. My winter uniform basically consists of a chunky sweater, thick lululemon
tights, knee-high socks and boots. I don't really get more creative than that usually, unless
it's a Holiday party, then the sparkly stuff comes out! :)

1. Hurricane Sandy. We got hit by the storm in Toronto as well and it took
down one of my favourite trees in our backyard. It was so sad to see it yanked
out of the ground. Also quite scary how strong the winds were! 
My prayers go out to those who were affected, big or small.

2. Toronto Traffic! I can relate with Michaela about LA, Toronto joins you 
on the Top 5 list of worst traffic in the world. It is exhausting to commute 
anywhere nowadays, I can't even imagine when the snow hits us here
how much slower (and dangerous) it will get. Hopefully not too bad!

Morning devotions and warm fall sweaters are my favorite! Traffic? Not so much :)

Go say hello to Stephanie today and check out her print shop here!  What are you loving this week?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love her prints! I'm going to check out the Joyce Meyer book, the design is pretty enough to buy it :) Off to check out Stephanie's blog now!

  2. Loving that sweater with the nice red leaf on it!

  3. Such a darling photo of the two! I need to look for that Joyce Meyer book. And, I can relate...Atlanta traffic is awful, especially during the holidays!!!

  4. Thanks for having me today sweet girl :)

  5. I love this series. Checking out Stephanie's blog now!

  6. Awww, she is so cute! I love #1!!


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