Our Christmas Card Photos

Merry almost Christmas, everyone!! One last post before heading off the grid for a few days. We wanted to share our family Christmas photos with you, taken by my friend Ashley, of course! We took these back in fall and I love how they turned out. Our first Christmas card with our puppy, Lincoln! His hair was so long for these photos, but I think he looks cute (and pretty funny actually, like he couldn't be more bored!) I love documenting all these seasons in our life and can't wait to look back on them one day. Scroll to the end to see our Christmas card!

And then there's these ;) Ashley was making the funniest noises to get Lincoln to look at her and I was loosing it!!

Ashley Slater Photography

These are the cute Christmas cards we chose from Minted! I always use Minted, because their cards are such great quality. I love the thickness of the paper, the quality of the printing and the adorable envelope and stamp designs!

I love how these turned out this year. Our first Christmas with our new pup! He definitely stole the show ;) I always do a fun holiday stamp and then get some coordinating washi tape for the back of the envelope. This year I found red stripes and silver polka dots to tie everything together. I think I found the tape at Target!

If you still want to send out cards, make them New Years cards! You can get 20% off at Minted now

I hope you enjoy this Christmas weekend with your loved ones. It's such a special time of year, filled with much joy, but also sometimes it can bring up tender memories. I pray that you'll find hope in the true meaning of this season!


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