Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

I cannot believe Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Do you celebrate?! I'm all for an excuse to celebrate, so we do! Even when I was single I got together with girlfriends for fun. One year we made heart-shaped pizzas and it was a blast. 

Guys are always so hard to shop for, but I feel like for Valentine's Day you can just keep it simple if you're into giving gifts. Here are a few of my ideas for the guys:

watch / gummy bears / PJ pants / heart and arrows boxers / whiskey stones and Mr. & Mrs. glasses / slippers (on sale!) / my husband's favorite coffee (from Santa Cruz, CA!) / bacon my heart dish towel / microwave popcorn popper

Okay, first off, I have to tell you about this coffee. My dad works across the street from this coffee company called Cat Cloud Coffee in Santa Cruz, CA. When my husband and I went to visit his office once, we discovered it and now it's my husband's favorite coffee. He's a total coffee junky, so it's always a great go-to gift for him! Now my parent's ship us coffee ;)

I think giving boxers with Valentine's Day theme to them is so fun! I put boxers in his stocking at Christmas, too. 

If your guy is into whiskey, these whiskey stones are a great pick, along with a set of Mr. and Mrs. glasses. These are gold and so I love them even more!!

If you live in colder temps like us, slippers might be a really practical and thoughtful choice! So would the PJ pants. They're so affordable!

My husband's family is SO into popcorn! Whenever we go to the movies, I swear he could down two full bags by himself. Fun fact: I don't really popcorn. Don't hate me! But when I saw this popper for the microwave, I thought he'd love it!

Another thing I love doing on Valentine's Day is gifting experiences or writing in the card that I have a date night planned for the two of us. 

We're doing things different than we have in years past. Instead of giving gifts, we gifted ourselves a cooking class on Valentine's Day!! It's a really fun demo/hands-on cooking class, then we get served the meal we learned to prepare. It's a 4 course meal I think, along with 2 cocktail demos. We usually go out to dinner anyways, so this is just making it more interactive and memorable! 

Do you exchange gifts on Valentine's Day? Give me some of your ideas!
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  1. Boxers are a definite must for Valentines! Still trying to figure out which pair to go with but the Gap has an entire Valentine's line that I'm loving at the moment.

  2. Such cute ideas! I just posted a ladies' wish list today - but let's face it, girls are so much easier to shop for! So far I picked up tool-shaped chocolates for my husband (thanks, Target!) but that's it. Love that watch.

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  4. Thanks for sharing valentines day gift ideas i am sure that will be really beneficial for couples. specially girls are always confused about which gift should buy for their boyfriend.know more

  5. Thanks for sharing valentines day gift ideas i am sure that will be really beneficial for couples. specially girls are always confused about which gift should buy for their boyfriend.

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  7. Cool!
    I like these gifts ideas very much.
    Thanks for sharing!


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