The Short List No. 8

Hope you all had a good weekend, everyone! We spent two days in California and now we're on our way to Kauai for a week. I'm popping in a couple times while we're gone, but not too much. I'm sure you won't even miss me ;) Today I'm sharing what we're up to in one of my favorite monthly series, The Short List. Share with me in the comments what you're up to! I love getting to know you!
What We're Watching: I'm on season 5 of Gilmore Girls and if you've watched it before, then you know that I'm a little mad at Dean right now. HOW COULD HE?! ;) I'm also watching Project Runway, Married at First Sight (don't judge me, people!) and The Voice. I'm not sure I can handle Katy Perry on American Idol. Are you guys watching?
What I'm Using Most: Well, I didn't really mention it a lot but 2 weeks ago I got strep throat and was allergic to the antibiotic I was taking. I got a horrible raised rash on my entire face, chest and neck. It was probably the worst I've ever felt about myself :( Thankfully it went away but then turned my skin super dry, so I've been lathering this moisturizer on my face and it's almost all the way back to normal now! I was also using Thieves oil, gargling with salt water and cleaning all.the.things like crazy when I was sick. Thank God my husband didn't get it!
What I'm Cooking: My friend Ashley passed this Tex Mex Cauliflower Rice Skillet recipe to me last month and I absolutely loved it. My husband didn't even know the rice was actually cauliflower! WIN!
What I'm Wearing: I just got this swimsuit before our trip, my mom got me these sandals for my birthday last year so I'm loving them (haven't been able to wear them until now because #michiganwinters), and I'm also wearing this sweet floral maxi dress from one of my favorite shops. 
What's on My Desk: Right now I'm working on furnishing one client's home, putting final touches on another, starting the building process with another client, and designing a nursery for a baby boy. As soon as I have more updates, I'll be sharing. I don't have tons of pictures of where we're at right now, sadly, but this baby boy nursery is going to be pure fun and class combined. We're going for a darker, more refined room that will be easily transformed into an office once the baby is ready to move to the upstairs room. The overall theme is vintage transportation. You know I love that!!
What I'm Looking Forward to: Well we're in Hawaii right now, so THAT! ;) Beyond that, I'm also excited for my upcoming trip for The Bloom Workshop to Nashville in May. I need your Nashville recs!
What We're Reading: I'm currently reading Something Blue by Emily Giffen. Usually I stick with Christian books or devotionals, but I brought this one to Hawaii and it's a fun, light read!
What Lincoln's up to: Well, I think we've finally got his barking under control with the citronella collar I wrote about last week. HOORAY! He's currently staying with his dog brother in Michigan while we're in Hawaii, so I'm sure he's having the time of his life. So grateful to be friends with another dog family in his litter.
Hope you have a great week! Follow along on instagram to see how our trip is going if you'd like.
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  1. Great post with some fun shares! I am so sorry to hear about your strep complications, holy moly! Strep throat alone is bad enough. So glad you are feeling better and I hope you are basking in the sun and hanging out with sea turtles right now! I have pinned that recipe and can’t wait to give it a try...I haven’t tried out this cauliflower rice trend yet. I have some pretty touch critics in my family!

  2. Pinned that recipe - looks SO good! Yum! Have a great time in Hawaii. :)

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