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Happy Thursday, friends! Hope you'r enjoying your first few weeks of August! As you might remember, I was visiting my parent's during the middle of July at their new home in California. It was definitely a work trip, as we spent almost all our time shopping for furniture and decor for the house, since it needed a lot of pieces to fill it out. While not much larger in square footage than their last house, the scale is much larger with 12' ceilings in some rooms and 9-10' ceilings in every other room. Scale is everything!! So we had to get appropriately-scaled items for the house. If you fill a large-scale home with small furniture that looked nice in a normal-scale home, you will end up with that furniture looking like dollhouse furniture in the new space. We have a lot of furniture on order and it will start rolling in shortly! The delays the last year and half have been insane and they are not even close to catching up, sadly. So we're hoping most things come in before Christmas, if we're lucky -- ha!

Anyways, I forgot to share a couple projects we were working on while I was there. One of them is their powder bathroom glow-up. It's not a total gut, but it's getting a substantial makeover-- so much so that you probably wouldn't even recognize it when it's done. Love these kinds of attainable projects with such impact!

Here is the bathroom BEFORE we touched it:

Like most of the house, it has beautiful trim work as seen in the wainscoting and the shiplap ceiling, but the sink and vanity situation needed help! I'm not a fan of basin sinks that sit on top of countertops like this for many reasons, but one being that you lose almost all counter space. The second thing we needed to address was the lighting. It was so dark in here with just that one vanity light. 

To combat this, we added a recessed light in the ceiling and we got a new (gold!) vanity light with three lights to offer more light. The entire vanity is going, in favor of a more traditional looking vanity, an under-mount sink with a marble countertop, new gold faucet, new mirror, and my favorite feature-- we're wallpapering everything above the wainscoting! I'm so excited about this room I could squeal!

Here's the mock up I created to give you a pretty accurate depiction of the final look we'll get:

Everything in the mock up is exactly what we have picked out for the room. This vanity actually reads more light blue-gray in person, so it's going to be perfect with our Serena & Lily wallpaper (we found it at the outlet for $39 / roll...what a find!!) We're going to change the basic knobs that come on the vanity out for gold ones that will tie together the light and faucet. The mirror is just gorgeous and perfect for the coastal farmhouse feel we're going for. It almost looks like coral reef!

I can't wait to see this space come together. The wallpaper goes up on August 23rd, so it'll start take shape after that. Hooray!

Enjoy the rest of your week

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