Cut Flower Garden 2022

I'm so not ready for it, but sadly, the growing season in Michigan is coming to an end. As you know, gardening and flowers are two of my favorite things! It was so nice to be outside this summer and watch everything grow. I wouldn't say it was my best cut flower garden year (I remember producing a lot more last year), but it was great, nonetheless. Any amount of flowers are better than none!

From the peonies in June...

To the cut flower garden that bloomed from late July-October... (but look how they started when I planted them in late May!)

Here's how it looks now... (well, as of 3 weeks ago when these pictures were taken!)

I've also been so happy with how my roses did this year. I got this new rose bush called Angel Face in the spring and it did amazingly well!

These are Asters and behind that, cosmos (which bloomed incredibly late, but are doing well!)

Here's the scabiosa and phlox...

Lots of pretty zinnia!

The hydrangeas also did really well! I'm excited to see all the pretty colors they'll turn next year. 


I had a couple pots on our deck filled with this dainty Euphorbia, alyssum and Vinca.

Things I'm going to do differently in my cut garden next year:

+ I realized I can pack a lot more plants in my small patch, so I'm going to hope to double the amount of flowers I plant next year
+ fertilize more often (I didn't even realize I should do this until last month ha!) 
+ I love zinnias and I did a ton of them this year, but I would have loved to have more of other varieties. I really want to get more snap dragons, phlox (in different colors, this year mine were super bright which was fun, but I'd love to have a more subtle color as well), asters, scabiosa, globe amaranth, and strawflower.
+ Next year I'd love to try to grow some greens/filler varieties. Maybe lemon basil and some snow on the mountain.

I'm already excited for gardening in 2023! Before the cut garden though, I'm hoping to produce a lot of spring bulb flowers by growing them in different pots of the winter. I'd love to put the pots on our porch in the spring and have them exploding with hyacinth, daffodils and tulips! We'll see how it goes ;)

Thanks for following along in all my flower adventures.


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