Social Media Madness

This summer I've been working here and there for my dad at his company Pacific Business Centers.

Most of the time I fill-in as a receptionist, but lately we've been working on promoting the office space for rent by filming the interiors of the buildings. That way when potential clients call inquiring about an office, we can point them in the direction of our youtube channel to view short clips of vacant offices. Yesterday, however, we got a little more creative.

If you know my dad at all, you know he loves a good pun. He also loves being the first to think of that pun. One word to describe him? Witty. Needless to say, I'm his number one fan (: Yesterday's task was to create a short film that centered around the importance of social media. You know- facebook, twitter and linked-in, to name a few. My dad has all three. And he had a twitter before me. He now has around 3,000 followers, which puts my 17 followers to shame. Recently though, these concepts have become some of the best, smartest, and easiest ways to promote a business of any type.

So, we brainstormed ways to get the optimum number of views. And what did we come up with? A spoof of the hit show, The Office.

You may have heard of it.
My dad plays a character who resembles Michael Scott and the premise of the film is that his employees are ultimately spending WAY too much time doing what they're paid to do, and NOT enough time on their social media network of choice. The boss gets a little upset. (Disclaimer: the character he plays is a polar opposite to his character in real life.)

I was laughing so hard behind the camera while filming, we even had to re-shoot one scene (: Oops! Last night I came straight home and spent several hours editing it, which was really fun. Turns out imovie (movie editing program on my mac) and I are becoming good friends.

I happen to love it and think it will be "viral" within a week. Take a few minutes to check it out! I promise, you won't be disappointed.

To sum up: I love making movies, I love laughing, and most of all, I love my Daddy.

Love and social media,


  1. hahahahahah loved it.
    "go away! i'm facebooking!"

  2. LOVE the office! Best show ever... I'll have to check it out.


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