You are my Sunshine

As I've mentioned before, I'm getting an apartment this year at school with some friends.  So, of course, the most important thing is decorating it! One of my favorite things I've put together for the apartment are these two pieces of wall art.  They're colorful, whimsical and totally DIY.  These are some of the supplies I used:

First, buy a few flat canvases (as opposed to the ones stretched over the wood frame).  I got mine from Michael's because they're cheap and come in a pack of 3.  Next, paint the background of your canvas in whatever color you wish!  I chose turquoise, because that is the main color in our family room.  After that dries, choose a saying that you like, or if it's for a child's room, their name would be cute.  I used cardboard scrap booking letters:

Here's the process:

1. With a paint brush, paint the back of the cardboard letter with a good amount of acrylic paint.  I used Tempora paint because it is washable...(aka if I got it on unwanted places on the canvas, it easily comes off with water and a paper towel!).  You want enough paint so when you stamp the letter on the canvas, the whole letter's imprint is left.
2. Lay the letter down where you want it on the canvas and lightly press over the entire letter, making sure the paint touches the canvas on all parts of the letter. 
3. Carefully lift letter off canvas. When you take the letter off the canvas, the paint may be uneven in certain places.  Never fear-- just take a small paint brush and touch it up!

The next step is picking out a frame and embellishing it.  I chose a black frame to compliment the black/turquoise curtains we have and because the walls are white. It will be a nice contrast and really pop off the wall.  I hot glued a beautiful printed paper to the cardboard piece of the frame that holds the back together.

Then I hot glued the canvas in the middle of that cardboard piece. 

Next, I embellished the canvas with the same paper flowers I used to dress up my lamp!
Then I put it together in the frame and called it done.
These two pieces of wall art will hang in the family room.  Best part...they weren't even expensive! They came in around $15 each. (I got the frames as a two-for-one at Aaron Brothers!)  Stay tuned for more of these I did for little girls' rooms.  Precious. 

It's only fitting, since I go to college in Seattle, that I'll need some sunshine.  Because, really, skies are always gray.  I wish I was exaggerating.

It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay.

Hey, maybe if I keep telling myself that, I'll get used to it this year!

Love and Reassuring Myself This Wall Art Will Make The Gray Skies Better,


  1. Very cute! They turned out adorable. Good luck with those grey skies - I don't envy you!

  2. Super cute!!!!
    Thanks for your visit today, hope your having a wonderful Monday!

  3. What a cute way to 'bring the sunshine' inside. Love the phrase and colors. I am hosting a link party on my blog this weekend about words/quotes (The Weekend Word Search). Please consider stopping by! Your project would be a great addition.

  4. Oh I love it!!! And I live in Vancouver BC so i hear ya on the grey skies, but really it makes it so much easier to study when the darn sun isn't tempting you... TRUST ME! And usually january February are really sunny for some reason... Great idea totally love it!!!!

  5. I love this project - how cute!

  6. Thanks everyone (: Really appreciate your encouragment!

  7. Those are lovely, Michaela! :) Love the whimsy and the pretty turquoise. Funny b/c I was just talking to a friend about Seattle today! I didn't realize that it really *is* always cloudy. Thanks so much for joining the party. :)

  8. First- Your wall art is super cute and will totally pop on a white wall. Good work!

    Second- I went to college in Eugene, OR- same grey skies! I loved being there. (The gloom and the rain never bothered me, and I came from sunny So Cal.) There is a week in spring when the sun shines and it gets warm and the world is so beautiful and green that the joy springs up till you think you cannot contain all your happiness over the sunny sky. You only get to experience that because you lived through all the grey, cold days of winter. That was my experience (nearly 20 years ago), and I hope that you can feel that too. Of course, after that week is over, it starts raining again, it's just warmer...

  9. A new apartment, what fun! And you'll have a blast decorating it. Love your picture idea.

    Maybe you and your roomies can use the Roxy bedding ensemble we're giving away. Do stop by and enter and take a look at all the decorating ideas we have on Atticmag!

    Visiting from Frugal Friday. Look forward to following your blog.

    Jane T.

  10. Hi friend How are You ? I like your post and i want to stumble it for my friend but i cant see your social bookmark widget in this blog. Please help me admin Thank You Steven


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