Field Trip: Sustainable Beach Front Home, Snohomish County

You all probably think I do nothing but go on field trips all the time, but really, I just share the fun stuff with you!  Last week my Sustainability and Materials class ventured to Snohomish to see explore one of the only LEED {Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design} homes in the U.S. to have qualified for 5 different awards.  The home is completely made of recycled materials, so it virtually makes no carbon footprint on the earth.  AND it's a beautiful home, too!!  Let's take a look:

Some of these photos are mine and some are from the homes' website, found here.

On top of the roof are patches of grass.  The water that the grass retains is all recycled.

Solar Panels:

When you first walk in the entry, this powder bath is on the right:
love the hexagon tiles!
This is what you see when you first walk in the door:

It's a secret door to the den!! Shut up, I know.
Gourmet Kitchen:

Stunning light fixture:

Bar area:

This is what's in the countertop:

Recycled cork flooring in the kitchen is environmentally friendly AND easy on your feet!

Open concept great room:

Dining space:

Staircase to the second floor:

When you reach the landing of the second floor:

To the left of the landing:

Beautiful spiraled iron staircase leads up to this:
I would put my art easel up here and paint for hours!

Master Bedroom:

Master Bath:


Is this house not amazing?!  I love how many fun and unexpected materials are used. How do you feel about using sustainable products in your home? Since I'm from California, we don't really talk much about recycling and sustainable materials {how embarrassing, I know} so since moving to Washington and taking this class, I'm getting more comfortable with the idea. I'm not completely on board yet, but the more I learn, the more interested in the subject I become. Thoughts?

You can also find me at Natalie's sweet blog, Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers, dishing on the things I'm obsessing over. Check it out!

Love and Sustainability,


  1. What an amazing and impressive home! That little garden on top of that roof is very different and I am drooling over the solar panels [I so want some of those for my house]. And that VIEW!?!?! Holy-Moly.. wow.

    You go on such awesome field trips!! :)

  2. Beautiful home. Love the staircases, but especially that secret bookcase!

  3. That house is AMAZING. The view from the master bedroom? Definitely would not mind waking up to that everyday! :)

    Can't wait to read your guest post!


  4. love that countertop! i'm slowly getting into the recycling thing, and i think i'm a fan! i can't imagine having so many recycled items in the home, but this house certainly makes it work.

  5. Fabulous home! That view wouldn't be too bad to wake up to every morning either.

  6. this house is so amazing!!!! i love looking at houses!

  7. where can I get this? cause I seriously want this house.

  8. That stair case is awesome, but you're right a secret door? - shut up!

  9. I'm really loving all the built-in shelving and the beautiful staircase. I'm not quite sure about the grass on the roof though.

    I can't believe that it is completely recycled materials! Lots of inspiration here.

  10. OMG THIS HOUSE IS AMAZING!!!! I love the staircase, the kitchen, the bar area countertop ... everything is gorgeous! You go on the best field trips!

  11. This reminds me...My parents were married in a recycled house over 25 years ago (they have since divorced), but I need to find some pictures! The bar for their reception was from an old bowling alley floor! Genius! Okay, now I'm on the hunt...

  12. Where to begin? I don't have a favorite part, I LOVE the whole house!! The bookshelf, the kitchen, the sun-room at the top of the staircase, the open dining room, the master bedroom, it's all beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing love! :)

  13. That house is beautiful! The light fixture and countertops are so unique and stunning! Thanks for your guest post today sweet girl! Your dog is too cute and I agree on all your obsessions! I need to hit up JCREW asap! xoxo

  14. Oh to have those views out of many rooms of the home. So pretty.

  15. I would totally be setting up my easel next to you . . and I don't paint! That view is stunning. Thanks for sharing! :)

  16. Crazy! It's a beautiful home. After working in Property Management I'm so tired of LEED certifications...but I know how important it is for our futures!

  17. Oh Michaela, it's gorgeous and oh so eco-friendly! :)

    Up here we're all about trying to be sustainable and recycling, etc. and I love the idea. B is working to become LEED certified for work... and I'm thinking of getting my certification as well for when I get into the business. It's so worth it!

  18. That is really awesome, both in design and being green! It's so amazing when the two can exist in harmony! LOVED the post over at Designer Bags and Dirty are such a cutie!

  19. You are right...cali needs to get on board with the whole green movement..we are trying....

    some of the "green" features I like, and some not so much. some of it seems "cold" to me..but i really love the concept behind it all...obviously.


  20. That house is ah-mazing and gorgeous! I love that the "green" items make not only good for the environment, but funky at the same time!

  21. What a cool field trip- I'm so interested in sustainable design and loved this post! I'm coming over from Designer Bags and DIrty Diapers... love your 5 obsessions!!

  22. Once again, I'm jealous! The secret passage way is way too cool. & I love the kitchen. It's marvelous! Have a great week Michaela :)

  23. Really gorgeous photos!!!

  24. oooh i love it, and i think it is fab that it is so eco--friendly! that light fixture is amazing, and i love that staircase! so fun!

  25. ahhhhh that house is amazing! i love it! i kinda like the eco-friendlyness! =)

  26. so totally random and off topic but i keep forgetting to tell you that i tried that loose side rope braid we talked about:

    and i was going to do your fashion friday but i was late:( oh time!

  27. YES PLEASEEEEE!!!! i want to live sustainably if this is what it entails! love it!

  28. this house is great, i love the built in bookshelves all over and the master bedroom is gorgeous

  29. This is incredible Michaela, my love! It's such a cool house with the secret den and the little nook at the top of the staircase. Sigh, I want to live somewhere like that so badly. It's gorg. Happy Wednesday beautiful friend!! xo

  30. Sadly, that powder room looks bigger than our "master bath" (ie. the one upstairs we all share). But that's not hard to do b/c our home was built in the 70s and apparently back then builders didn't think spacious baths were a smart thing to invest in. ;)

  31. I want a secret door!!!!!!!!!!! David's fraternity house had a secret room, how cool is that!

  32. I want to be in your class.
    I want that staircase with the shelving.
    I want a secret door.
    I want this house!


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