She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Seven Style Notes

Today we're hearing from my one of my best blog friends, Jenna.  I feel like we're real life best friends, though!  She writes her adorable blog Seven Style Notes and it's fab, just like her.  I could go on and on about how wonderful she is.  She'll also kill me if I tell you all that she just won a huge writer's award in Michigan, but ooops, I just did anyways! Shh! (:  We have lots in common and she's one of the sweetest! Let's hear what Jenna's lovin' and not lovin'...

Hi friends! It's Jenna from Seven Style Notes.

 I'm so ecstatic the adorable Michaela asked me to share what I'm loving and leaving with you all. Prepare yourself for an eclectic list.

She Loves Me:

1. H&M Recycled Fabric Dress
It's good for the environment and only $19.95. That's my kind of dress, friends!

2. Ketchup
Gosh. Even on a bad day this makes me feel better.

3. Michael Kors' Spring 2011 Collection
I was in love with the white, the simplicity, the flatforms...the man knows his style.

4. New York City
I've never been. It's a lifelong dream of mine to go...and then just live there forever. Ha!

5. He's Just Not That Into You
A.K.A. The book every girl needs to read.

6. Post Grad
I recently discovered this movie in all it's romantic and funny adorableness at my local video rental store for a dollar. Cutest thing ever/Perfect flashback to 90's rom-coms/Best dollar I ever spent.

7. Christian Louboutin Animal Print Ankle Boots
I just love 'em. That sliver of red. The fierce print. I just wish I had an extra grand laying around somewhere...

8. My ipod. On shuffle-mode.
Rediscovering the Backstreet Boys is good for the soul.

9. Glamour Magazine
It has it all. It's like talking with your best friend...except you don't talk. Oh, you know what I mean!

10. Work
They make me write about love, and fashion, and American Idol, and Kardashians

She Loves Me Not:

1. Black Swan
It's not like I don't think Natalie deserves the Oscar, but it's like I can't forget the sheer and utter creepiness. Like it will NEVER go away...

2. Alarm clocks
And when they annoyingly play them in TV commercials, I want to break the screen.

3. CTools
It's what we at Michigan use to submit basically every assignment known to man. A lot of torture comes my way from this site.

4. Taylor Momsen
Her attitude...and style...just bother me. It's like, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, GIRL?! Act 17, for Pete's sake.

5. Snow
This is what my afternoon commute always seems to look like. And my car doesn't handle well in the snow. It did a 180-spin this week and hit the guard rail on the expressway. Nice.

Thanks, girlfriend! Make sure to check out Jenna's blog today! {We blog swapped, so I'm over there talking about fashion + design}

Now, I am going to go kick my Art History test in the bootie (: Wish me luck! AH!

Love and xoxo,


  1. Oh my gosh....SO agree on the idea that every girl should read "He's Just Not That Into You!" Totally empowering! Love it!


  2. I could pretty much agree with all the dislikes! What a people thinking???

  3. my favorite! when i saw it i literally whispered yessss and got excited!!
    i have been loving ipod shuffle as well!!!

  4. I have to agree about Taylor Momsen. She just tries to hard and I hate it when people 'try' to be something that their clearly not.

    And to think she played the little girl in 'How the Grinch stole Christmas'!

  5. Love it! All! Can't wait to go check out Jenna's blog! :)


  6. Love this list! Seriously- WHAT is up with Taylor Momsen. Get it together, girl!

    PS. Good luck on your exam! Art History was one of my favorite classes!

  7. I LOVE Miss Jenna! Her writing is always a delight to read. If you haven't read her stuff on YourTango, you're totally missing out!!

    Great pick Michaela :) <3<3 Good luck on the art history test too!!

  8. Going to check out Jenna's blog today! Love her answers! Yes please to that H&M dress and leopard boots! Totally agree about Taylor Momsen, she turned soooo weird!

  9. Agree with you so much on Black Swan... it disturbed me so bad! I've never even heard of Post-Grad so I'll have to check it out! Hope you and your car is okay after your snow mishap!

  10. love these posts! i am such a fan of that h&m dress, and of course all of her other loves. and ya--what happened to taylor momsen--she used to be so cute!

  11. Lovin this . . and so leaving all of those. I just tried on that yellow dress yesterday when I ran to the mall. How funny! Cute cute.

  12. Yay! I'm always happy to find fellow BSB fans :)

    P.S. I mentioned you on my blog today. Just spreading some blog-love!

    Cristina from

  13. This made me smile on multiple occasions. Jenna, you are adorable. Michaela, you couldn't've blog swapped with a better girl. <3 :)

  14. Two of my favorite bloggers! Love this list! I am definitely not a fan of alarm clocks.

  15. This is so cool!! I LOVE Ketchup- I put it on everything..well mainly mash potatoes and corn and ketchup sandwhichs (I know gross right?)

  16. Loved Art History--the exams not so much.

    I am glad I haven't seen Black Swan yet b/c I did think it looked pretty creepy, even though I like Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

  17. i love these posts! =) i was iffy about renting post grad! so i think i will now!

  18. Great list! Taylor Momsen is quite scary these days.. she just looks so depressed, yikes! & I have always wanted to go to NYC too. Hopefully we both will get an opportunity to go in the near future!


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