She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Hi Sugarplum!

Happy Wednesday! It's time for another edition of She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not!  Today I'm excited to have Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! over here dishing on what she's loving and what she's not.  Cassie is one of the most kind and seriously hilarious blog friends I have.  She never fails to make me smile (: Here she goes...

Hi guys! I'm Cassie from Hi Sugarplum!, and I'm thrilled Michaela asked me to participate in this fun series! I love reading them, and now it's my turn to Rant & Rave!

She Loves Me:

1) The impending release of Breaking Dawn. Judge all you want, but if you read the series, the love story will leave you breathless. And with this fourth movie, we finally get to see Edward and Bella get biz-ay! I'm not a camp-out-see-it-at-midnight kind of fan, but bet your boots I'll be there soon after!

2) Summer!! And nothing says Summer to me like a Sonic Route 44 Cherry Limeade. And with their yummy pellet ice, I'll be chomping all afternoon.

3) Summer also means sundresses, sandals, flip-flops, ponytails....I love the easy-going, breezy style that Summer allows.

4) Florence + the Machine's tune, 'The Dog Days Are Over.' Can't. Stop. Playing. It!

Now it's time to get a little snarky for...
She Loves Me Not:

1) The Kardashians. This is more like, never have, never will love these girls. Why are they famous? Why are their whiny voices all over the place? How do they hold their heads up with all those extensions?

2) In-N-Out Burger recently came to Texas. People are lining up for MILES and CRYING!?!?! What the?! It's a hamburger people! Grill one in your backyard and call it a day!
in out burger

3) I'm probably going to offend scores, but Scotty McWhatsYerName, please fade into obscurity. The way he holds the mic like Bugs Bunny with a carrot, and his Crazy-Eyes make me insane with annoyance. And I don't even watch Idol!

4) The price of alterations!!! Geez Louise. I just took 3 dresses to the tailor, and for what they are charging me I could buy a sewing machine and take a sewing class! I think that was my cue to finally learn to sew.

Whew! So glad I could get that off my chest. Thanks sweetie-pie Michaela for having me today!

Thanks, Cass! Isn't she hilarious? I have to say In 'N Out Burger is my favorite place, though...if Washington got one, I'd camp out over night to be first in line (: Just kidding. But only cause I'd be camping out in the rain.
You know I'm a fan of summer and all that comes with it- sundresses, flip flops and relaxing!

Go say hello to my sweet friend over at Hi Sugarplum!
What are you loving today??


PS. You can also find me over at Michelle's blog, Ten June, participating in her Genie Series!

I'm dreaming big over there!


  1. maybe living in California has me desensitized to the commanding power of In-N-Out. Or I just ate a lot in Highschool? But I remember the first time I learned that In-N-OUt was only in California and I thought it was so odd because they would make so much money if EVERY state had access.

    I read the twilight series.
    yes... I did it.
    I don't know whether to feel convicted or not but the love story that is played out in the books really does make me cry just thinking about it. I think every girl wants a man who would put her safety and life above his own desires..

    If only they knew Jesus...

    Okay I am done.

    I like this love me not series. So much fun girl!


  2. Five Guys is all the rage here for hamburgers, but no one's CAMPING out...that is insane! And yes, I still love that bring home to momma boy Scotty!

  3. Haha that was too funny!! Love Sonic and their STRAWBERRY limeades!! I having unexpected bits of the strawberry slurped up my straw! ;)
    That pic of Kate Bosworth is just stunning!!

  4. The limeades- UH-mazing. I have a love/hate relationship with the Kardashians. I wonder why they are famous, too- but I love their style! Great post!

  5. I seriously heart Cassie, gotta love that girl! Great list. I am obsessed with pellet ice and a huge twilight fan. And the kardashians don't even get me started, why are they famous. That in and out burger pic has me dying laughing, crying over a burger that's just sad.

  6. Well, I'm from California & have eaten my weight in In-N-Out (MUCH better than Five Guys by the way - yuck), but I would NOT cry over it (my boyfriend just asked "are you sure?"). That being said, if they were to open here in NC I would definitely be in that line! :)

  7. What a cute post! ha ha ha! I love the comment about in and out burger! Call the hamburger police! Seriously! Lining up for hours? Its not going away! CHILL out!

  8. i can't wait for breaking dawn either! we will be waiting a while.... christmas time!
    and from day one i nicknamed scotty scotty mccreepy. he creeped me out. and if i had to hear baby lock them doors one more time i was going to throw up.

  9. Thanks, Michaela! This was fun...and it's fun to read everyone's reaction to the list. Twilight fans can't hide in the closet after seeing that pic! ;)

    Come visit, and i'll take you to In and OUt! xoxo

  10. This is hilarious. Glad to have found Cassie!

  11. she is so funny!! yay for summer style :)

  12. I want to try a in-N-out burger now! Ha!

  13. Super excited for the next Twilight movie...oh yes! And that is HILARIOUS that people in Texas are crying over In-N-Out!! Ahaha! :)

  14. Haha, hilarious! Holding the mic like Bugs Bunny, I will never un-see that now.

  15. We just moved so now we have had the chance to go to In-N-Out..and I just don't get it! It's okay, but nothing to *CRY* about! Sheesh. (c: And I am one of those crazy stand in line for the midnight showing for Twilight. LOVE. In fact, probably a better word would be OBSESSION. It's totally pathetic...and I don't care!

  16. Cassie, we might just be best buds...I hit up sonic happy hour every day in the summer:D
    And also, the Kardashians are my #1 pet peeve!
    ha ha!
    Thanks girls!

  17. Great list Cassie! Are the people in Texas crying over In-n-Out because they know their "thin days" are over?! ;)

    I can't wait to see Breaking Dawn either! It's the movie we've all been waiting for! Yay!

  18. Hi! First time visitor here! I found your blog through Southern Inspired, and honestly, I clicked it JUST BECAUSE of the Edward Bella still.

    I'm a twihard. I'm also 27, married, and mom to a toddler. Cool, right?

    Love all this stuff here (except that AI kid... I don't watch that show), but I'm a reality show junkie for the most part.


  19. hahahahaha! That was so much fun to read what Michelle had to say!!! I can't waitttttttt to see the next twilight movie!! wooooooo hooooo honey it's gonna be good!!! It's one of my guilty pleasures!! Best love story.....I read the entire series in a weekend!!!

  20. Well, I'm loving your blog because I just found it =) xoxo shelli

  21. i am SO excited for breaking dawn as well! eeks - cannot wait!

    and summer yeeees please!

    people were crying over burgers? hahah that's hilarious!

  22. LOL about In-N-Out Burger. You are so right, Cassie. Go grill one!

  23. my life would be complete with Breaking Dawn and Sonic. {ok, maybe a few other things too ;)}
    xo:: Lauren @ tickled.

  24. WOW, so many things I love as well, Bring on the Cullens, SONIC nom nom nom, flip flops, florence. It's gonna be a GREAT summer.

    Love the guest post.


  25. Love this post and I totally agree! I can't wait for Breaking Dawn and I cannot get enough of Florence and the Machine's new album!

  26. This series is so fun and Sugar Plum had me laughing and crying! Well done!

  27. Ha- how can the Kardashians hold their heads up with all those extensions?!!! hahahahaha!!!!

  28. Cassie is just too funny!! I think I agree with everything, except maybe Twilight. It's not for me haha But we can play Florence & the Machine and drink our slushies :D

  29. Oh my gosh, why are people standing in line and crying over hamburgers?? That is insane!!

  30. OBSESSED with florence + the machine!

  31. PS: Had to come back for this...haha. I'm a loser.

    Scotty is a little bit strange and definitely NOT the best singer ever, but he has a sweet heart and he constantly talks about loving and worshiping the Lord. That makes him a winner in my book!! : )

  32. Cassie is hilarious! SO funny about the long lines and crying over In N Out - but seriously it is the best burger EVER - but I'm from Cali so I may be a teeny bit biased :) Ummm- have you tried the the cherry limeade chillers?! They are sooooo gooood! Oh yeah and I may or may not have been at the midnight showing of Eclipse - I'll never tell - what I will say is - uh - I love Edward but Holy HOT Werewolves :)

  33. First of all, I am so with you on all of these things! Second, what a great idea for a post! I am totally putting you on my blog and doing the same!!

  34. i have such a girl crush on kate bosworth.

  35. Kardashian girls need to fade into obscurity! But please don't mess with my In N' Out burger dear Cassie. I thought we were friends!

  36. I dislike the Kardashians too. Too fake.


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