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I'm so excited to introduce you to a very talented designer and real life friend, Cristin, over at Simplified Bee! She's as sweet as can be and has such an eye for all things stylish and organized.  Fortunately for me, Cristin lives in my area, so I'll be shadowing her on a few jobs this summer. I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity (:  Today we're hearing her loves and loves me nots. Take it away, friend...

Earlier this year, Michaela was a guest blogger on my blog and her article, Color Psychology in Interior Design was terrific. So, when she asked me to participate in her She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not series, I was thrilled. Thanks Michaela and here we go…

She Loves Me:

A cup of hot, loose leaf English breakfast tea with a splash of organic milk. Lovely photo from stylist, Selina Lake.

Textiles. Especially hand-blockprinted linens like this sampling shown from John Robshaw

Francis Elkins designed "Loop Chairs." The pair is available at 1st Dibs

 Great lighting. This Maize Vintage Bronze Table Lamp by Arteriors Home is a beauty. {via Tonic Home

Pottery. This sampling is from one of my faves, Jonathan Adler.

She Loves Me Not:

 Texting or holding a phone while driving. Here’s Oprah’s No Phone Pledge.

 Processed, dyed food.

Florescent lighting. Okay, it is highly efficient, but the color temperature and flickering is terrible.

Thank again Michaela for inviting me today!

Thank you, Cristin! I love tea and those chairs are amazing.  I'm with you on the florescent lighting, too! The bulb is also extremely toxic when it burns out...yikes!

Be sure to stop by Simplified Bee and say hello to the fabulous Cristin. You're sure to see some beautifully organized and inspirational spaces!

Love and Xoxo,


  1. I love these posts :) and who doesnt like a nice cup of tea! its the best. im going to go check out her blog now xx

  2. So enjoying the posts! Love the pottery. Agreed, texting/talking/driving=disaster.

  3. Great post! Loving the tea and those fabric samples!

  4. Love those loop chiars! Wish I had those in my diding room!!

  5. Many thanks Michaela!!! Let's talk soon about this summer :-)


  6. I'm so in love with those loop chairs, they are dreamy...(c: And Cristin is adorable, however I can't jump on the anti-processed/dyed foods bandwagon quite yet...I love too many of those things! I know, my body probably hates me...I can't help it! (c:

  7. these posts really are so great :)

  8. A fun post! Love the tea and those chairs are beautiful! I'm with you on the phone use and texting while driving. It drives me crazy!

  9. I love those chairs...they are so cute! I can't get into tea though. Ah, don't hate me!

  10. ok this post has convinced me to start drinking tea....and to go to lamp shopping :)

  11. I want tea with the chairs!! lol


  12. I'd love to be sitting on those chairs while sipping a cup of tea.

  13. How great are those chairs!? And I'm a splash of milk person in my tea too (even though I get some strange looks from my husband).


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