She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Moth Design

I'm smiling ear to ear today because my very sweet friend Erica, of Moth Design, is here!


I had the pleasure of meeting Erica in San Francisco over the summer at our design blogger's meet up.  It was grand. I felt like I learned so much from her in just the 20 minutes we were talking. I simply adore her. And you're about to also! Take it away, friend...
Well hello there! It's Erica from Moth Design, delighted to be taking part in sweet Michaela's She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not series. I have lots of loves... this part was easy!

She Loves Me:

1. Organization! I've recently discovered the brand Russell+Hazel and am loving their products!
Shopping lists and to do notes look great jotted on these darling, french saying Quip Cards.
Plus the lovely lucite holder looks fantastic on my desk.

2. I find myself often dreaming of having my own classic style bicycle with a basket. I think I'll treat myself to one next spring similar to the one below. 

3. A recent trip yielded a visit to a Tory Burch store front. I'm delighted with the fresh citrus scented TB signature candle I purchased. My house is smelling fabulous and that little punch of orange is great!

4.  San Francisco! I went for the first time in the summer and am in LOVE with this wonderful city! 
I enjoyed every second of my trip. (Including the pleasure of meeting Michaela!) 

5. This one is a love that will remain a daydream. I kinda LOVE the Fiat 500. Here's Elle MacPherson with hers. However, for me, it's not so practical for a mom with 5 boys. I still love this cute little car.

She Loves Me Not:
1. My weekend was plagued with the irritations of a basement leak due to drain clog. Miserable. I'm still dealing with soaked cardboard boxes and the looming smell of wet dog. (without the wet dog)
On the bright side the problem is being remedied and will never happen again. Yay!

2. Weeds! We have our share and they seem impossible to keep up on at times. Boo!

3. High waisted shorts. I really don't think this is a trend I can ever take part in. I think these look pretty awful on any body type. Hope this doesn't offend anyone but I'm giving them a thumbs down.

So there you have it! It's been my pleasure, Michaela. Thanks for having me! xo

I'm so jealous of her trip to Tory Burch!! And living with leaky basement pipes is no fun at all.

Be sure to stop over to Erica's blog today.  Say hello and take a tour of her awesome kitchen here!  {Find more of her home tour on her lefthand sidebar.}

Happy Wednesday, dolls!


  1. I love Erica. She is such a gem and has such a great eye! Her loves are too die for!
    And I agree-high-waisted shorts are a no!

  2. Oh my goodness, I have to check out Russel and Hazel. Too cute! Those C'est la vie cards are too adorable too!

  3. Oh, those shorts...I would have to agree!!! Janell

  4. So fun to have Erica visit today...definitely want to check out the TB candle and those notecards! :)

  5. This makes me want to start organizing in cute lucite holders!!

  6. I adore her, too! Sweetest person ever. I admit that I am OCD, so I have got to check out Russell + Hazel products!

    Glad everything is fine at home!

  7. love the lucite boxes and wish I could drive one of those wee fiats, as well..and as for the shorts, anything that makes a model look awkward doesn't enter my wardrobe!

  8. I am dreaming of that bike too!

  9. me loves ms. moth.
    brilliant loves!

  10. Tony Burch, organization, and Fiats all in one post? I'm liking Moth Design and clicking over there right away.

  11. Fun post Erica and Michaela! We just had drain problems too but in my air conditioning unit.....yuck!I didn't even know they was a drain for the AC. Have a great week!

  12. I love the Fiat too --- but alas I am kinda in love with SUVs for all the stuff I tend to cart around....

  13. I love the candle and thinking about citrus...I guess I'm pretty much just a sucker for anything Tory! And oh-em-gee I am with you on the shorts thing! Can't stand those, but strangely enough I don't feel the same about the pants...(c:

  14. Great guest post! I love her picks & her blog!

  15. I'm kinda delighted by all the love here. Thanks for all the lovely comments! And again, thanks so much for having me Michaela! xo

  16. Love sweet Erica. And I share her loves. And those shorts are just not pretty on anyone. . .

  17. I absolutely ADORE Erica and 100% love all of her with her on the high waisted shorts, weeds, bicycle and Fiat...she's incredibly stylish and so so sweet- very happy to call Erica a friend. Also very happy to find your lovely blog through this post- happy new follower:)

  18. Fabulous list! Especially loving that adorable bike, and San Francisco is one of my favorite cities ever!


  19. Haha, I love the high waisted shorts comment! SO WRONG! ;)

  20. LOVE how the Fiat 500 made your list Erica! Makes me so happy to see that sweet little car. (And no, I don't own one - yet.)

  21. Erica is so sweet and has such style. I've also had the chance to meet her in person. A warm and beautiful person (inside and out).

  22. I'm so glad I found your blog through Erica today. I'm pretty much in full agreement with the list. We are spending Thanksgiving in San Fransisco and I can hardly wait. I love that TB candle and I love all those things in Lucite boxes...I recall an article with Tory Burch and one of her loves was lucite desk items too! I guess great minds think alike.

  23. Michaela, I popped over from Moth Design - your blog is lovely! Erica, it was great to learn even more about you. I can't imagine wearing high wasted shorts either ;) Ouch.


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