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First of all, thank you SO MUCH for your sweet comments on my bedroom feature yesterday! You sure know how to make a girl blush. Second, hello to some new followers-- glad to have you. On Wednesday's I do a little series where I invite guest bloggers to share their loves and love-me-nots.
It's fun (:

Today I have my adorable and very pregnant friend, Bon Bon , from 

She's laugh-your-bootie-off-hilarious, gorgeous, and is really good at computer animated art. See for yourself (: She's also stylish as all get out, so that's why she's here! Take it away...

Ooooh-Ooooh! Hi, that's me being excited. I mean, how could I not be? Guest posting on sweet Michaela's blog and all? Swoon!
By the way, I'm Bon Bon, from {The Whim Wham Life}.
And I'm excited.
So, after that riveting introduction, without further current loves/non-loves!


1). {Jamba Juice} Pumpkin Smash. Mmm. October in a cup.
2). {Skeem} candles. Just picked up another Black Currant pillar to get me through the season, (or 90 hours of burning, whichever comes first).
3). {Benefit} High Beam. Luminize. Highlight. Glow. Perfect for brightening up dull, winter skin.
4). {Lulu*s} for new boots. I've been wearing these Yoki Rowi ones 24/7. Butttttah!

The nectar of the gods. I'm helplessly and hopelessly addicted. Especially, during the notoriously grey-rainy months we endure in Portland. Right about now.
A few of our favorite places to get the goods:
{Heart} {Coava} {Stumptown} {Crema} {Barista}

Don't know what I enjoy more: tackling a DIY or crossing it off the list?
Here are a couple to-do's I'm in the process of to-doing.

1). Re-creating {this} festive party.
2). In true Portlandia-fashion, I'm putting a bird on it. Making {this} mobile for Baby Bean.
3). Fixing up our "new" trunk. Found at an estate sale for $25.

I'm sure many wives out there are crossing their fingers in anticipation of a year without basketball. What have I been doing? Playing NBA JAM with my husband, to drown out our sorrow. I'm Outlaw. He's Roy. and it
P.S. Baby Bean needs to wear his new Blazers sweatshirt too. C'mon NBA...think of the children!

Dear Starbucks. See the shout-out of love for coffee up there? Yeah. You would normally be in that category. And then you got rid of the Chonga bagel. Without warning. I may still like you, but I don't have to love you right now.
I'm not alone either. The people have spoken {here}. That's right. 70 people. Feel the burn Starbucks. Feel the burn.

I'm having a love-hate relationship with finding one of these gems.
And patience is not one of my virtues.
And I don't want it costing an arm, leg, and my firstborn to buy one.
I sort of love those things.
I might have to pull a Michaela and make my own!

{Bon Bon}
P.S. Michaela, thanks again for letting me invade your space! I heart you! You can go on ahead and put your picture under my "she loves me" section. Just saying.

Girl, I'm so with you on the fall goodies...those boots=love. And we will pray you find a hutch before baby bean comes (:

For more of Bon Bon visit her over at The Whim Wham Life!

Happy Wednesday! What are you loving this week?


  1. She seems like a ton of fun! I love it! I'll definitely stop by her blog. :) Happy Thursday Michaela!

  2. This post makes me even more sad that we don't have a Jamba!!!

  3. What a fun post! Bon Bon is hilarious! Love her her loves!

  4. Oh, my gosh! Happy to meet Bon Bon. Coffee, projects, a great pair of boots. It's what I live for. Also mourning the loss of the bagel.

  5. Mmmmmmm coffee...I am definitely in agreement with you on that one. And the hutch took us forever to find one that we could afford, and it isn't even really want I want. I'll hopefully be painting it and doing a few other fun things to it when we actually have the space :)

    Going over to visit Bon Bon's blog now!


  6. ohmygosh right there with here on the NBA lockout - it will be a sad winter in Portland without our team :(

  7. I LOVE your blog!! So fun :)

  8. bon bon we are twins. I am currently in search of a HUTCH! our kitchen looks like a bomb blew up 10 times

    im also loving that high beam cream from benefit! makes me look all cheeky and pretty! maybe i should try it on my OTHER cheeks ;-)


  9. I love this! Such a great guest post!

  10. Bon... I too, am sad so sad about the lockout! I thought I was the only wife that cared but I'm glad I'm not : )

  11. Hahahaha I love all of this Bonnie. Sooo sad about the NBA, give me those boots now, and WHAAAAAA about the chonga bagel?!?!?! Devastating!! I had no idea!! I will sign whatever petition I need to in order to bring that and the NBA back.

  12. Okay, she is *HILARIOUS*! And I'm super jealous of that fabulous score of a trunk, holy awesomeness, batman!!! I really hope that Starbucks realizes what they are doing to people and changes their ways...and their menu!

  13. Love this! Bonnie, your picks are spot on...and I wish I could share that frothy, foamy coffee deliciousness with you right.noooow. Loves to you both! Xo, Katie

  14. You have such an adorable blog, I love your style. Definitely agree with high beam love and I really want to try that pumpkin smoothie!

  15. Happy to meet you Bon Bon! I'm a huge fan of High Beam and love those boots. A fun post!

  16. Two of my favorite people in one place!! Loving it!!

  17. Starbucks got rid of the Chonga bagel? This frustrates me.

  18. I would love to find a hutch that I don't need to sell a kidney for. Love those things!

  19. yay whim wham! she is too funny. great loves and love nots :)


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