Spill it: Favorite Part About Valentine's Day

Happy Saturday! I couldn't be more thrilled the weekend is here! After a long week with 3 midterms, I'm d.o.n.e and ready for a whole lot of...nothing {except movies, hot chocolate, & skyping with the pup back home! Okay...and a wee bit of homework}

I'm also excited to introduce you properly to my lovely sponsors for the month! You're going to want to read about them and then run right over and click the "follow" button...because they are all awesome.  I also asked them what their favorite thing about Valentine's Day is, so here we go...

 Karen. I was born in Hong Kong, then move to England when I was 14.  A year ago I moved to California and married my wonderful husband, Albert. I still miss England a lot and I know one day (hopefully not too long) we will move back there.   Simply Pillow was developed after I bought my sewing machine because I need an activity beside cleaning our place while I waited for my husband get off work.  

My favorite part of Valentine's Day is seeing all the Valentine's day cards in store and it is so hard to choose just ONE out all those cute and romantic ones. The best part is every year, my husband prepared a home cooked dinner for us!


Nicole. That picture above, it's a little misleading because I rarely look that put together. I'm a runner, and between attending class to become a Physical Therapist and running to stay active, my wardrobe consists mostly of those fabulous drifit running clothes. So if you're looking for a fashion blog, I'd recommend you continue your search elsewhere, unless of course you find spandex and sweaty hair fashionable :) Being the health & fitness nerd that I am, I blog a lot about living healthy and you guessed it, running. I also blog about my life (which is crazy most of the time) and my adventure of returning to college after taking 2 years off. Oh yeah, and my dog Dakota, well she tends to steal the show, so don't be taken back if you see a lot of her around my blog. She's a running addict just like her mama, and thinks she owns the world...just like her mama :)

My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is all the love that everyone's not afraid of sharing. It gives us an excuse to give an extra hug, smile a little more, and share candy with those around us. Who says you need a significant other to love on someone else this Valentine's Day? Not me!


Katy. Owner of Twenty Three Oh One. My shop offers fun, fresh and modern stationery designs to celebrate those special moments in life. I make everything from save the dates to party invitations, and am adding more designs almost every day, so be sure to check it out! I live in west Texas with my sweet husband Bryan and we are SO very excited to welcome our first baby boy to the world this May. Check out my blog to learn a little more about me!

My favorite part of Valentine's Day is just being able to hang out with my husband. We aren't big on gifts or elaborate dates, but we always look forward to to snuggling up on the couch with a pizza, a good movie, and some quality time together!

Brianne & Danielle. Together we're the Ravenna Girls. We are two Seattle gals who are trained as architects and are nerds for design. Our blog is a chronicle of home renovation on our 1922 bungalow, as well as our search for vintage treasure, crafty DIYs, and some other random life thrown in! We also have two etsy shops, one for vintage finds and one for vintage upcycled handmade items

Our favorite part of Valentine's Day is the sweets!  Everything heart shaped, covered in sprinkles and frosting just seems to be more delicious this month!  A local cupcake establishment, Cupcake Royale, Tmakes this special cupcake during February called the Deathcake.... it is chocolate covered in espresso ganache with fleur de sel... Nothing says "I love ya" more!


Claudia. Wife to one, momma to two, human to two (felines), relentless crafter and passionate dreamer. 

I guess my favorite part of V-Day now that I am an old married woman (LOL) is making a special family evening out of it.  This year my plans include heart-shaped pasta, pink lemonade for the boys, pink muscat wine for my husband and me - and fondue for everyone!!!  The best part of any holiday is seeing it through our kids' eyes - each year they understand more and want to participate more in every tradition.


Jessica. I blog at Life with My Loves.  I'm a lucky girl who's married to her best friend and Mommy to the most amazing kiddos ever.  I'm a nurse who takes care of kids with cancer and other blood disorders. As hard as it is, I wouldn't change my job for a million bucks.  I love baseball (Go Rays!!!) and all things USF (Go Bulls!!!).  I dabble in photography and I pretend to be a runner.  All in all, I living life to the fullest and loving every minute of it!

I love those Conversation Hearts candies, but only the green and yellow ones.  Yes I only like those particular colors.  Does that make me strange?  I also love sending Valentine's to people.  A little bit of love can go a long way. 


Jillian Nicole. I'm just pleased as punch to meet you all! I'm a Southern California native who fell in love with a Brit, and is now trying to navigate her way through the ex-pat life in Scotland! Weddings make my little heart go pitter-patter, I've never met a dessert I didn't like, and I think my husband is definitely the most handsome man God ever created!:) If you're inspired by gorgeously styled events, if peonies make you go weak in the knees, and if you love to have a good gush over all things pretty, then we're sure to be fast friends!

Since we were long distance last year, my favourite thing about Valentine's Day this year is that I get to spend it as Handsome Husband's wife!  Though, the yummy, Lindt truffles that HH always gets me are definitely a close second!:)


There ya have it.  And me, you ask? My fave part of Valentine's Day are all the cards, love, red & pink, and of course some serious treats for this sweet tooth!

What's your favorite part about the 14th?
Have a blessed weekend :)

PS. Catch me over at Anna's blog, A Newfound Treasure, to see what my favorite fashion and design trend are at the moment in her i Heart series! So fun :)

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  1. Congrats on tackling 3 midterms! Looks like you've got another great round of sponsors. Have a relaxing weekend, love!


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