She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Isabella & Max Rooms

Happy Wednesday! I'm so thrilled to have Janell here today from Isabella & Max Rooms!
Janell's blog is one of the very first design blogs I ever found and read religiously! I remember finding it and thinking, "I want my house to be like hers some day" :) Janell is always coming up with new projects and tutorials from her home, two of my favorites being her daughter and son's room. She's also the founder and editor of House of Fifty Magazine. Such an inspiring woman and blogger! Let's hear what Janell is loving and not loving this week...

Hi everyone, I'm Janell from Isabella & Max Rooms.
Thank you Michaela for inviting me to be a part of this series, it's such an honor to be here!

She Loves Me:
1. Kindness and Thoughtfulness
Being kind and thoughtful are always high on my list of favorite things!

2. Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Balm
I am in love with this product I found recently at Sephora...a store which also happens to be another love for me. I'm so impressed with their customer service. When I stop in with questions on products I love getting samples to try before purchasing!

3. Green in Design
I can't get enough of the color green in design lately, whether it be on furniture, interiors, jewelry or clothing!

4. Books
After not making the time to read books for too long, I've been forced to get into the habit again recently, selecting books to feature in the 'The Books On Our Shelves' column in House of Fifty Mag. I am so happy to have rediscovered my love of a good book and just finished several I can't wait to share in the next issue.

She Loves Me Not:

1. The myth that beauty is possessed only by the young
I love meeting a beautiful woman who is no longer in her youth, there is something completely inspiring about the strength and spirit of a woman that owns her power regardless of her age.

2. All Over Tufting
I know I may loose some of you here, but I haven't been able to warm up to the trend of all over tufting!

3. The Idea of Entitlement
I may begin to sound old myself here, but it is really important to understand that very rarely do good things simply show up at your doorstep...instead dreams require work. So, as much as we'd like to think otherwise:
Via Etsy

Thank you again for having me here today Michaela!
Thank you, Janell! Green is peaking my interest in design, too! I love the energy it brings to any room {or outfit!}
Run over to Isabella & Max Rooms today to say hello to Janell!

What are you loving this week?
Happy middle-of-the-week...
PS. She Loves Me will be a link up on March 14th, so get your posts ready! :)
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  1. I LOVE green in design too. So happy and vibrant. (And I love those green skinnies, I just posted about some green skinnies this morning! haha)


  2. Thank you for having me here today Michaela, I enjoyed putting this post together! Janell

  3. Love Sephora - I agree the customer service is always so great there! SO true also about owning your age and being confident!

  4. I feel like the think comment is something I try to do with my husband now to make sure I am respectful towards him. It's so easy to lose control when I am angry, and then say things I don't mean, so I try to always stop myself before speaking to him to make sure it will not be disrespectful!

  5. love these photos! that woman is beautiful! love it. hope all is well! :) xoxo

  6. All great things to love for sure....How about we love Janell :)

  7. I love Janell's blog! I definitely was inspired by what she said about entitlement. I think it is easy to see others succeed very quickly and think we are all entitled to that. But she is right- all things worth having are worth working hard for!

  8. OHh I need to check out that lip balm! Such a fun post!

  9. I always love green - it is earthy, calming and in my mind can be a neutral as much as it is an accent color. I am intrigued by the books - particularly the one on color. I agree with the idea of ageless beauty and yes, one does have to put good positive energy into making dreams a reality. Such a great post, Janell. Thank you, Michaela!

  10. ooo I love that green! I should try replicating that necklace... it's just too pretty! I've seen that lip balm before and have been tempted to try it. And I've also been on a book kick lately! :) Happy Wednesday!

  11. lovely selection, I love green, the zig zag chest is super fun! and tufted, that ottoman is my fave!

  12. I love Janell's blog. What a lovely woman she is and such an inspiration to me. I, too, have recently re-discovered my love of reading books and making the time to do so. Yay on women owning their strength and power at any age!! A fun post Michaela.

  13. I have always loved everything!!


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