Bookshelf Styling: Before & After

After a long week of giveaways, I'm here sharing a client before and after.  For the past two summers, I've had the privilege to intern for Cristin, of Simplified Bee. She's been so fun to work with, as she takes me on client meetings and installs, to the San Francisco design center, and many other fun outings. Last week after completing the bookshelf project below, we went shopping. Cristin scored a new pair of turquoise cute:)

Today we're showing off what a big difference a little bookshelf styling can have in a space.  As I know I've mentioned many times on my blog, bookshelves are one of my favorite things to buy accessories for and style. And then style again and again, because I just can't leave mine alone! Every time I get something new, I seem to have to rearrange the whole thing. Who's with me on this??  Anyways, take a look at Cristin's client's beautiful built-ins and our styling tricks:

I've given a few tips on bookshelf styling before in this post, but these are massive built-in's, spanning the length of the entire family room, so here are a few more:
- Start by removing everything!  Not everything has to make it back on the shelf.
- Instead of just housing books on the shelves {like in the before}, gather some decorative objects. For this we found yellow lacquer boxes in a set of three, a small globe, clock, a few picture frames, an awesome shell, some rock bookends, and then of course added some flowers.
- Balance is key! If you look at the "After" photo, we made sure to incorporate yellow on both sides of the TV. The yellow boxes on the right side would have been too overpowering without the yellow flowers to balance on the left side.
- Flip books different directions to keep things interesting.
- Since this family room is really a great room, with the kitchen directly to the right, we had to keep things functional as well.  All of the cookbooks are organized on the right side of the TV and categorized by baking, cooking, and barbecuing. 
- Fresh green plants always add color and life, which we used ferns to accomplish, on either side of the TV.  

What a difference, right? Thanks Cristin, for letting me tag along with you and have some fun styling!
Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. That looks awesome! And it made a huge difference. This is a great visual because i have a huge wall of built ins just like this. And I think mine might need some love. :)

  2. Love your tips! I recently moved my bookshelf back home and it completely changes the look of my room. It's my favorite part of my room now!! I had taken several of your tips from your last post and it made such a difference!

  3. What a huge difference, it looks fantastic! Great tips!

    The Glossy Life

  4. Looks great! Bookcases can be a real challenge. Great tips.

  5. It looks so good! I love the books turned different ways!

  6. you guys did such a wonderful job! bookshelf styling is so much fun to me :D


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