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It's the weekend, which means I have the privilege of sharing these amazing women with you! I'm excited about sharing some lovely jewelry, an adorable blog and some great green products for your home and beauty regimens.  Show my advertisers some love :)

Love & Piece Jewelry designer, Bonnie Corre, is a mother of four children whose obsession with jewelry began later in life.  After obtaining her PhD in Clinical Psychology, Bonnie knew there was something missing in her work as a psychologist.  Searching to express her often ignored creative side, she went back to school to become an interior designer where she could work with people and pursue her artistic and innovative talents.  After working for wonderful clients and designing beautiful homes for many years, it was time for another change and she began to focus her creative energy in a smaller and more personal way that ultimately turned into Love and Piece Jewelry. 

Love and Piece Jewelry is delicate and yet bold, modern and, at the same time, classically rooted in the past.  Inspired by the midnight sky, textures of nature, and the many colors of the ocean, Bonnie uses a combination of oxidized platinum and silver, gold vermeil, gorgeous semi-precious stones and natural findings to create pieces with timeless design elements that will last a lifetime.


Hi!  My name is Kelly Pelley of Modern Earth Design.  Yes, I know, it's totally ok for you to laugh.  I believe it was God's way to bring laughter into my life on a daily basis (LOL). I am a design junkie!  You will find me eating, breathing, drinking... well, everything about design.  Design = Passionate People and I have enlisted my wonderful hubby and my 3 awesome kids with me on this journey.  Friends have asked me so much about my interior design style and how I could help them that it has grown into a business for me, and thus, Modern Earth Design was born.  I love my job and feels so blessed to help bring engaging surroundings to businesses as well as homes that clients, family and friends don't want to leave.  Would love for you to come by, have a cup of tea or your favorite coffee drink as I share some design eye candy, design solutions, our own home renovations and family life.  Come hoping and leave inspired!


Hi there! My name is Marcela Barraza, I was born and raised in Chile, South America.  I came to the US following the love of my life who I met when we both were 18 years old. I’m the mother of a beautiful 10 year old girl.  I love everything that is home related: organizing, decorating and cleaning!  

I’m the founder of MB Green Cleaning, a home cleaning company in NYC and my mission is to teach everyone I can the importance of a green cleaning and how we can live healthier by making small changes on items we use on a daily basis, whether it be in our homes or on our bodies.  Tu Casa Blog was born last year and it is the outlet of my daily routine.  I hope people get to see what I do there and hopefully get inspired. I prefer tea over coffee, Summer over Winter, snow over rain (since I can't avoid Winter in NYC!), beach over country and funny movies over horror films.


All such amazing sponsors! I just love each of them.  Go say hello to them today (and shop till you drop, too!) I'm buried in books and art projects this weekend as I prepare for finals!

Have the best weekend!
PS. If you'd like to advertise on Michaela Noelle Designs in April, please email me for my media kit and packages/pricing. michaelawarner90 (at)

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