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Ever since I met Mary McDonald a few years ago, I knew I liked her. {I actually knew I liked her long before that, during the airing of Million Dollar Decorators. She's hysterical!} My love for her grew as soon as I laid eyes on this Los Angeles home in House Beautiful. There are many things I love about it, but I'm most drawn to the chevron patterned floor in the pale tones.  I think that's what makes it work. If it was any any colors, I'm not sure I would like it as much, but these hues are perfection. This gal has a total knack for nailing the patterns she layers in a space, and always seems to have the best flooring installations!  I could see myself baking away in that kitchen. What a dream.

Mary said it best in the House Beautiful article when she said, "In monochrome rooms, texture is key."  She played that design principal out perfectly in this home, and while the house is a little formal for my taste, there are so many elements I LOVE.

What's your favorite aspect of the home?

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  1. My eyes instantly went to the chevron floors! Very lovely home!


  2. the last picture has made me decide i need a gingham pillow to go with my stripe rug.

  3. Totally agree. These colors are perfection. Loving those wood floors and the chevron is perfect. Gosh she always does the best flooring.


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