Friday Favorites: Spaces & Design Trends I Love

I couldn't choose just one home tour to show you today, so I'm showing you a few and naming trends in design that I'm going gaga over!

What stands out to me about this home is that it's not too rustic, and not too contemporary. It's a perfect blend of both. The wood and other textured materials like stone, slate, beams and concrete, make it feel well thought out and homey, while the sleek light fixtures and tailored furniture give it a more contemporary and sophisticated look.
Trend: mixing modern and contemporary pieces in a rustic space. We're moving away from rustic/cabin design and into more sleek but textured design.

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There's not much to say other than I'M IN LOVE with this master bathroom. From the tile selections, color palette and painted cabinets, to that amazing stand alone tub, I think any lady would like to call this space her own.  
Trend: Tile to the ceiling, varied tile choices, painted cabinets.

I much prefer marble over granite, but have never seen a marble countertop like this one before. I love the creamy caramel colored veins. And that lantern? The perfect touch to bring some black into the space without it being overwhelming.
Trend: This isn't anything new! White cabinets, gorgeous marble, and black lantern.
Tip: Pull out drawers like these are universally designed, meaning most people can use them for longer. It's easier to pull out a drawer on a glider than to pull open a cupboard with knobs. Drawers also save space and make finding things much easier! 

Everything is lovely, am I right?! Have you seen any spaces lately that caught your eye?!

Happy weekend!
PS. Head over to Andrea Montgomery Designs blog to see one of my favorite color combinations and a new outfit post featuring one of her beautiful pieces of jewelry! Here's a sneak peek:


  1. Those lights in that first picture are to die for!

  2. Loving the colour of that bathroom vanity!

  3. No, I have never seen marble in that color, and I love it!! I also like the idea of tiling up the ceiling. Great pics! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Wow, this home is gorgeous. I want to live in that bathroom! I'm also loving the wood floors, great inspiration for me bc we are redoing our wood floors next week and I've been trying to decide my final look!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  5. THAT BATHROOM. Oh my goodness. It's probably the size of my apartment, but I love it.

  6. just so you know, i'm going to need all your hair tips when we visit!

    also, when i buy a house i'm going to need you to design every single room - adore your taste!

  7. yep yep yep and yep. i love them all.


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