Front Porch for Christmas

As you know, decorating is in full swing over here! One of our favorite pieces of decor is a fresh wreath for our front porch. We've never hung one on our front door before, so we decided to give it a go and we LOVE it! We are greeted with the most fresh-smelling wreath from Snow Greens each time we walk in.

Dan, the owner of Snow Greens, does such a wonderful job crafting these wreaths. He's teamed up with several local businesses in Lancaster Country, Pa  to create a fresh Christmas experience – handcrafted bows crotched from organic yarn, Fraser Fir greens that stay green and coffee bean bags (packaging supplies) from a local coffee roaster. I just love that! And truly, let me tell you, it's THE best smelling wreath ever.  The great part is, the wreath comes without any of the berry branches, so if you like a plain wreath look, you can leave it. We decided to add a touch of seeded eucalyptus and berry branches for some extra color.

We also added a touch of winter/Christmas to the porch with a cyclamen plant, snowman Welcome sign and a large pinecone.

You lucky readers can 15% off for 2 days only (december 5th & 6th) using code mnd15!

Are sprucing up your porch for Christmas?

Happy Thursday!


  1. How adorable! So perfect for the holidays!

  2. I love the Lancaster County shout out! I'm from York which is 30 minutes from Lancaster. It's funny to hear my favorite California blog talking about a small town in PA!

  3. Super cute! I love it! :) I love the added burlap bow. It really makes a nice little touch to the wreath. I really wish I could smell it! I bet it's amazing!

  4. Love the wreath! It's so cute! And I LOVE the smells of Christmas time, our real tree is my favorite! :)

  5. Looks so pretty and I bet it really does smell amazing!!


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