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Hi friends! I hope you have all recovered from your long weekend. I know I still am! Today I wanted to share something really special with you. Seeing as our pup's name is Hope, I just loved this graphic for the Shiloh Shelter. One of my dear friends, Nicole, has a cousin living in India who is beginning a new non-profit organization to help young women, girls and babies. I'll let Nicole explain her own words below:

"My cousin, Shiloh, is a fifteen year old gal serving in India with her family.  She's seen things that I just can't even comprehend and the Lord has moved in her heart because of it.  She's been burdened for the girls of India.  An unfathomable number of baby girls are aborted or killed as infants everyday.  Girls are seen as burdens on families and they don't wish to "pay" for their daughters as they grow older and get married.  As Shiloh has jumped into this culture she sees how this plays out in real life.  She sees pregnant women who turn out not to be pregnant anymore.  She sees little girls who have no hope or self confidence because they KNOW they are burdens to their families.  They even have names that mean things like "unwanted".  Shiloh has started a non-profit organization called Shiloh Shelter.  It will be a place where new moms can drop off their baby girls anonymously and they would be cared for instead of being thrown away.  It would be a place of hope.  They've been working with a lawyer and searching out locations in India.  Everything is coming together and once Shiloh and her family return to India at the end of the month she will officially start Shiloh Shelter."

You can watch this video to learn a bit more:

Shiloh Shelter - 720p from Nicole Cole on Vimeo.

I just SO believe in this cause and have been trying to find an organization to commit to helping where and how I can. I believe God has placed this need on my heart to share with each of you, because especially in a holiday season, it's important to reach out and serve those who we can. These precious babies and women need us! If you'd like to learn even more or donate, visit Nicole's blog, Bloom or like Shiloh Shelter on Facebook

Won't you join me in reaching out to bring hope to this group of beautiful people?!  If you don't feel led to these girls, be sure to extend kindness to someone today!
Have a blessed Monday :)

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  1. Oh Michaela...I am in tears. Thank you so much for sharing this and I will follow it closely and pray for Shiloh, her family, her shelter and the lives that she is touching. It is truly mind-blowing that things like this still happen in our day of living. So unbelievably sad and so wonderful that hope is being brought there. xoxo!


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