Apartment Gallery Wall Progress

I love showing you progress in my apartment each week! This week I'm showing you the gallery wall in my living room. I decided, since my ceilings are vaulted, the wall with the TV needed something else on it to take up more visual space, also distracting from the black TV. Creating a gallery wall around a TV is one of my favorite ways to do just that. Now your eyes will go to the pretty art and pictures, not the boring black box. First, I'll show you my design inspiration for the gallery wall. I played around with some layouts in photoshop before I hung the frames, and I ended up changing it again before getting it up on the wall. 

The above inspiration helped guide me in the layout, but I actually found a few more frames I wanted to add into the mix. I laid out the collage on the floor before I put it up on the wall, just to be just I liked the layout. Then I started from the middle, hanging the peony print from Minted first. Have you seen their art prints?! There are so many lovely ones here

Next, I hung the Butterfly print from Minted and the Whatever is Lovely print by Lindsay Letters:

In order to balance the white frame on the right side, I hung another white frame on the bottom left but turned in the horizontal orientation for some variety (I've yet to fill that frame with a picture! I need to print a photo still!)

Because the TV is black, carrying a ton of visual weight, the gallery wall needed a few touches of black to help distribute the weight around the wall. Without a black frame, the gallery wall would have felt small and way too "light" for the space. Black helps ground the wall, bringing contrast and tying in the black from the TV. So, next I hung my beautiful Chair print by Jill Atogwe in the upper left:

I mirrored it on the other side with another black framed print of a settee, also by Jill. This one I turned the other way for some variation. Below it went a white frame with my All Gold print by SS Print Shop

TIP! Before I hung any of these frames, I taped a piece of paper to the wall, took a step back behind my couch and made sure it looked good in that spot. That way I don't have extra holes in my walls from little mess ups ;)

I can't show you the whole thing, but I can give you a sneak peek of the finished gallery wall:
DETAILS | World Market Media Stand / Blue Target Vase & Branches  

Do you have any gallery wall hanging tips?! Hopefully some of these visuals helped you with your next collage project.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love this step by step help, so many people dont know where to start and the taped up paper is a great tip! Always love seeing what you doing in your spaces :)

  2. We did a gallery wall in the place we moved out of last year, I loved it, but we haven't done it again in our new place, mainly just because of how long it takes, but this is making me want to bust out the hammer and nails again!


  3. This is so helpful!! I'm currently doing the same thing to my tv wall. Thanks girl! :)
    xx, bethany

  4. I have a gallery wall in my dining room that has taken me years to get to...we're moving over the summer, and I just don't know how to feel about transporting it! Gallery walls are such a tricky thing - I don't even know how many extra holes are in that wall! This looks adorable Michaela, can't want to see the finished product!

  5. Love your picture choices! Can't wait a gallery wall of my own someday!


  6. I am getting ready to move, so this is super helpful to me! Thank you for this tutorial :) And your wall looks great!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  7. Love it! We have several in our home. I really want to create one for our front foyer staircase soon.

  8. I've seen a lot of gorge gallery walls, but what I love about your post is how helpful your design tips are. Love the idea of the black frames to tie into the black TV! :)

  9. I love seeing how your apartment is coming together!!

    Five Minute Style 

  10. Love your little gallery wall! It's beautiful!


  11. Your apartment gallery of wall style is really very amazing! Love this gallery and all the pictures and frames on the walls. The overall decorating is clean and elegant. Thanks so much for posting this. I'm moving this summer, and have been looking for inspiration! :) .I learn a lot here and want to try in my apartment i.e. platinum1.


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