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Since moving into my new place, I now have to forgo the luxury I had before (when I lived with my parents) of getting my nails done bi-weekly. I'm saving that cash and putting it towards, well, my apartment and all the costs that come along with that. It works out well because I actually enjoy painting my own nails. Have I ever told you that when I was little I ran a nail salon out of my garage and my sweet cousins and aunts would come get their nails done from me? I even had a manicure desk! It was awesome. I digress ;)

Here are a few simple steps to a great At-Home-Mani:
1. Fill a shallow bowl with warm water, bubble bath, and cuticle gel. I bought mine from my local nail salon (They don't normally sell them but I begged and got it for $3 ;)) Let your nails soak in this for 3-5 minutes.

2. Get a nice scrub (I love the one from Trader Joe's, pictured above) and scrub your hands, leaving them nice and silky. You can also make your own scrub using coconut oil, sea salt or brown sugar, and honey.

3. Next, I cut my nails first, file, then put more of the cuticle gel on each cuticle. Using the little blue tool pictured above, I push back the cuticles with the gel on then wipe it off. Then I trim the cuticles and wash my hands before painting.

4. Before painting, I lightly buff the top of each nail.

5. Paint on a base coat, two coats of the color you want, and one coat of a top coat. Dip a small paint brush into remover and clean the edges of your nail beds, getting the excess off.

6. Let them dry for a good 10-15 minutes. This is the hardest part for me! I get anxious and usually always mess one up.

I always light a yummy candle while doing my nails. Makes it so much more relaxing.
Do you have any at-home-manicure tips or tricks?! 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. This sounds like the perfect home alone night! Also, that scrub looks amazing!

  2. Love this step by step. I've always wanted to do my nails a bit better than i do. thanks for the post!

  3. I need to try this. I paint my nails rather often but I always ruin them! And I find the polish just doesn't stay, although I'm using good brands. I think I need to do a base and top coat like you suggest, and buffing the tops of nails for better adhesion! Thanks Michaela! xo

  4. If you want your nails to be dry-to-the-touch in two minutes flat, you need to get yourself a Seche Vite top coat or the Nails Inc caviar top coat. Trust me, it's a life saver. I only get to paint my nails just before bed and i refuse to sacrifice more time of my beauty sleep waiting for my nails to dry :)

    I've always painted my nails at home but never as posh as you've outlined here. I've only had a professional manicure done twice and it can easily be addictive. I need to remember my budget though

    xo Stephanie

  5. Love this! It reminds me that I need to paint my nails for a wedding this weekend...


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