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If I know my readers well (and I think I do!) you all probably love the show Fixer Upper as much as I do. Most potential clients who come to me to inquire about my design services describe their favorite style as "Chip & Joanna's style from Fixer Upper". This is fortunate for me, as I also love their style and it's very close to my personal style! Since their show started airing a few years ago, I've seen this industrial, eclectic, farmhouse look get crazy popular, and I'm loving it.

I have a theory (that sounds so studious and like I'm about to throw out some crazy equation or something...) I have been thinking about why so many people are drawn to Chip & Joanna's style and I've arrived at my answer. First of all, the pair of them are so lovable. They are a sweet, down-to-earth, funny couple who are kind, stylish and they are just like us. My theory is that their personality is paired with their casual, yet polished style (and filled with tons of personal details and easy-to-do-yourself looks) and that makes them, their show, and their designs a wild success. It's no wonder people adore it!

Today I'm showing you how to get the Fixer Upper style for yourself. There's a few key elements Joanna uses in each and every design. See if you can pick up on Joanna's favorite items!

Most Fixer Upper designs have the following:

1. Books
2. Plants
3. Metal
4. Clocks
5. Wood elements
6. Personalize with vintage finds
7. Chalkboards
8. Art signs
9. Unique lighting

DETAILSclock / terrarium / gold terrarium / flower and fern plants / fiddle tree / coffee table / sign / metal basket /

Get the look:

Some of the best places to find these personalized accessories are Etsy, vintage consignment stores (if you're in West Michigan, I love the Painted Farm Girl), thrift shops, garage sales, World MarketThe House of Belonging, and of course, Joanna's store called Magnolia Market. If you haven't discovered it yet, you're welcome ;) UPDATE: I was told in the comments (thanks, to Melaine!) they buy all their signs from Between You & Me on etsy.

Why do YOU love Fixer Upper's style?

Today is the first day of the early-access Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! If you're a Nordstrom cardholder, then you get early access to tons of sale styles. This is the perfect time to shop for fall! I'll be back tomorrow with some of my favorite items.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love the simplicity of their style. The mix of metal and wood is also another love for me!


  2. Love this and I love fixer upper! Did you know that they purchase all of their signs from between you and me designs? They are on etsy too:)

  3. Their style is amazing! I absolutely love it!

  4. I love their style! At one point during my husbands job search he had interviewed for a job in Waco and I was never more giddy or excited in my entire life... but alas, now we're in Atlanta!


  5. I love the mix of old and new plus all the different textures and architectural elements. Well done Joanna and Chip. Also...Chip's a hoot.


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