Home Tour: Eclectic Farmhouse

Source: Carina Olander / Lonny

 If I have ever seen a house that is JUST my style, this is it. It couldn't have been tailored any better to what I love. All my favorite elements are in one gorgeous home: neutral furnishings, metal accents, wood, the farmhouse/eclectic feel, splashes of minimal color, textured ceilings, a white kitchen....the list could go on and on. Do you ever see a house online and think, "I could live there the rest of my life, without changing a thing and be totally happy"?! That's where I'm at right now!

What are you favorite parts of this home?

Hope your week is off to a great start. Happy Tuesday!



  1. Agreed. This house is exactly all the things I’d choose for my own. Those stools, that exterior door, that side table, the built in white couch… those vases. I can’t pick my favorite part. It’s not too extravagant but perfectly collected. Thanks for sharing so I can mentally file this in my home wish list!

  2. I love when houses like this are so surprisingly beautiful on the inside!



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