My Favorite Trends of 2015

When I look around the internet, home decor magazines, and instagram, I'm seeing a ton of trends everyone is grasping. Did you know that industry leaders, such as fashion retailers, designers, car companies, web designers, and home decor manufacturers and designers are all polled and asked what type of color trends, among other trends, they will be implementing in the coming year? After the information is gathered, companies like Pantone will "predict" the color trends, design trends, and more, for us to read about in magazines or the internet. But did they really "predict" the trends, or did they just tell us what we will actually like in the coming year, because that is all that will be out on the market? Something to think about ;)

Anyhow, there are a few huge trends this year, and while I don't love all of them for my personal style, I'm listing out a few we've all recognized. I have bolded the trends that are my personal favorite and I think might stick around for a while!

PHOTO: Jessica Glynn, designed by Blair Harris

1. White subway tile. These tiles have beeb used since 1904 in subway stations. Soon after that, they began making appearances in shelter magazines and from there, their popularity grew. I happen to love subway tile, as I think it's simple, can go traditional or modern (depending on the color grout and if there is a decorative inlay applied) It's become quite the classic staple over the past several years and I think it's here to stay for the long haul.


2. Sheepskin throws. These rugs add immense texture and a soft-to-the-touch, cozy vibe to your home. While they aren't my personal favorite accessory, it's clear to see they've taken well to many people in the design industry, bloggers, and avid shoppers. Personally, I love the cozy, inviting atmosphere they create, but they are too modern for my own taste.

3. Neutral, neutral, neutral. Oh, the neutral walls. They having a rather long moment, and I'm okay with it! The neutral foundation, seen in walls or furniture allows you to play with color in other areas (like pillows and accessories) or switch up the smaller decor in the space for the seasons. Neutral foundation pieces will be the most cost-effective way to furnish your home, as you'll be able to carry those items with you into your next abode.


4. Fig trees. Absolutely love the look of these fiddle plants! The internet tells me they're real easy to keep alive, but I've found the opposite to be true...I'm on my third plant! The rich green hue and texture it provides your space is so worth giving them a try.


5. Black and white. I happen to think every room could use a touch of black. It helps ground a space, giving visual weight to an area. Black and white will always be the most classic color combo. Why do you think we love black and white photographs so much? It's just a fan favorite. In the last few years, we've seen the black and white striped rugs become a hit on Pinterest and shelter magazines. While it's a little too bold of a look for my personal style, they certainly are fun!

 6. Reclaimed wood. One of my absolute favorite trends is reclaimed wood. I consider my style to be an updated shabby chic, eclectic, farmhouse vibe and one of the strongest, most recognizable elements in that style is wood. Whether it be a dark stained wood floor or cabinets, or a light gray washed wood bookshelf, I love it all. I think the rest of the world is also developing a love for it, as they continue falling in love with Fixer Upper style!

7. Industrial elements. Ever wondered how to marry a shabby chic, farmhouse style with a bit of a masculine touch? Add industrial elements, like metal, to the design. Lucky for me, my boyfriend loves wood and metal furnishings, so it won't be hard to combine our two styles one day! Industrial light fixtures are definitely one of my favorite things.


8. Bar carts. First popular in the old hollywood era, bar carts are fun place to display your drinks or other items. You get to be creative with it! 


9. Gallery Walls. These are a fun, trendy, and creative way to display your favorite prints, collections of artwork or family photos. Put them together for your family room (I have one built around my TV), hallway, or breakfast nook.

Trendy or not, you should always decorate your home with things you love. I always want my client's houses to reflect who they are, what they love and how they need to function in a space. Adding special touches, personal details and pieces we adore will give your home an inviting feel. Trendy items are a fun way to spice up your home decor for a season or two, but I think a lot of the above "trends" will actually be sticking around for much longer than that!

What trends are you loving this year?!


  1. I love all of these! Like you, sheepskin throws aren't my thing either. I'm currently remodeling a bathroom in my house and putting white subway tile on the walls and in the shower and a black and white marble mosaic on the floor. I'm a huge fan of white walls with global textiles and live plants. And there's nothing more beautiful than antique wood furniture or architectural salvage!

  2. I agree with the fiddle leaf figs - some people say they don't even have to do anything to theirs other than water every couple of weeks, but I had horrible luck with mine (in other words, it died a long time ago). I love the look but know I could never buy a big expensive one because odds are I'd never be able to keep it alive.

  3. I used to think I wanted the all white kitchen, but my husband loves the dark wood, and I think he is totally converting me!


  4. I love all of these! But I agree about the sheepskin throw, I like the look, but I don't think it would fit with what I have. But white subway tile, mmmm....I'm putting it in my kitchen and I can't wait until it's done!

  5. I have to agree with your comments on the use of white subway tile. We've used it in our bathroom and I really like the result. The tile looks great against any color. It also helps add a lot of color and light to any space. I'm probably going to use it in other rooms in our house as well.

    Maxwell Frey @ Design Build Duluth


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