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I'm excited to be back today with another edition of our Designer Files series. This designer is one of the sweetest gals I know! I've had the pleasure of meeting her last October in Atlanta at The Bloom Workshop. She's a joy to be around, so kind and an extremely talented designer. Welcome Claire of Claire Brody Designs!

photo: Kayla Snell

1. Name, business & blog

Claire Brody / Claire Brody Designs 

2. Describe your style in 3 words.

Approachable, Bold, Unexpected

3. What is one of your favorite home projects or pieces in your home?

This is laughable, but I’d have to say our bar cart because it is the epitome of our home and us (my husband and I).  Probably not how you’re thinking though.  One day my husband decided we needed a fully stocked bar (I don’t even know what that entails), but I said okay.  Our home is a tight 900 square feet, and we have no extra space for a bar cart.  At the time I was using a cart as a nightstand in our guest room, but after my husband went all out at Spec’s, we needed a spot to house it all.  Our kitchen was going to bust if we put anything else in there, and the living room was next in line.  We are those people with a bar in the middle of our living room.

photo: Kayla Snell

4. How did you get into design? What has been one of your biggest challenges as you have started your business?

I started backwards as a blogger before I got into decorating. I started my blog in 2014 after my husband and I got married. I was a dancer for 15 years and once I stopped dancing I felt like my creativity died. I also didn’t realize how much I needed to be in a creative environment. The blog started as a creative outlet and I really had no plans for it. I didn’t know the potential in blogging. I attended a few blog conferences (Bloom the Workshop being one of them) and my life changed. Maybe not overnight, but I immediately starting pursing blogging as a business and Claire Brody Designs was born in January of this year. I started with online decorating consultations which I still offer and am now starting to branch out with local design here in Austin. Another designer in town whom I hold very dear to my heart took me under her wing and became a mentor to me. She told me what I needed to do to set up a business because I truly didn’t know anything. I am forever grateful for her.  

Blogging never gets boring and I realize that in 10 years ( 5 years even), it will not be anything like it is today. A part of being a creative entrepreneur is knowing that the industry is constantly changing and being able to adapt. I’d say the most challenging part is knowing (or not knowing) what’s coming next. I am open to furthering my career through blogging and/or decorating in the future, but knowing how to grow each of them in a way that works well together is a challenge.
photo: Kayla Snell

5. Stripes or plaid?

I’d love to see either stripes or plaid used in an unexpected way.  I love them both in the right space.  Or even better, I’d love to see them used together!  

6. Geometric or floral?

Floral all the way.  I’m not big on geometric prints, but a good floral….oh man.

7. Symmetry or asymmetry?

I recently realized that I am a symmetry person even though I lean towards an eclectic feel.  I need matching table lamps or I don’t feel put together.  I guess my need for symmetry reigns in my style a bit.

8. One decorating "rule of thumb" is:

Be intentional when you decorate.  I could go to Target and buy the entire Nate Berkus aisle just like the next person.  Lately I’ve been trying to refrain from impulse purchases.  I’ve found that I’m much  happier when I make purchases that are done with intention.  Plus, it leaves room for investment purchases.

9. I couldn't live without _____ in my home.

I couldn’t live without color and pattern in my home.  They go hand in hand for me.  I love playing with color and pattern combinations to see what works and what doesn’t.  While I love color and pattern, natural light comes in a close second for a must have in my home.  When we moved a few months ago, natural light was my absolute top priority.  I told my husband I wanted to wear sunglasses inside.  We came from a dark, narrow apartment and that turned me into a natural light obsessed person.  It makes for much better days now since I work from home.  Plus, it’s a must when I shoot for the blog.  Priorities, right? 
photo: Chelsea Francis 

10. A design don't:

Don’t incorporate pieces in your home if you don’t love them.  That old sofa that you hate?  Sell it and find one in your price range that you love.  (I promise they’re out there!)  That coffee table that was passed down from family but has no sentimental value?  Get rid of it!  Fill your home with pieces that you love and are meaningful to you.  

11. What is your favorite spot in your home?

We moved into our home a few months ago and I decided I wanted to take the decorating process slow and room by room.  Easier said than done, for sure.  I started with our living room because we spend the most time in there.  I can almost say it’s finished, and it's definitely the most finished of all the rooms.  We just finished a bookcase project – Parker built it and I styled it.  I don’t know who loves it more.

photo: Kayla Snell

12. What has been one of your biggest design challenges? (either your own home or a client space)

My biggest design challenge has been decorating around our rental. We did get to paint, but I dream at night about what more I wish I could do. I know that when we do finally buy a house that I’ll probably be eating my words. For now, my bank account and sanity are thanking me.

Isn't her home so fun and beautifully styled?! Her living rug = major love!! Thanks for being here, Claire!

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Happy Thursday!



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