Home Tour: Contemporary New York Cottage

Photography: Jane Beiles for Luxe. Home of Charlotte Sabbagh.

Well isn't this a nice getaway in the state of New York?! I adore so many elements, starting with the exterior. The elevation of this home, with its curves and white trim, stone work and perfectly manicured yard, really caught my attention. As they say, it had me at "hello" :)

This is artist Charlotte Sabbagh's home, so as you can see, the art is stunning. That super saturated teal piece above her bed is gorgeous and the perfect statement piece among a neutral room. I love the smaller square canvases above the fireplace in the living room. It's something you don't see often! That classic white kitchen...you know I'm always into those. And because my favorite color is lavender, I love that she used it as her accent color in a bedroom. 

In her interview on Luxe, Charlotte thoughtfully stated, “My art and my house are a reflection of who I am. They have my personality and soul.” That's really what your home should always be. Other people will love it and feel comfortable in your house when YOU do!

What's your favorite part about this home tour?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Beautiful house! I love everything about it. Especially the circular sitting area and those curtains. I'm not even a fan of curtains all that much but I love those!

  2. Other people will love it and feel comfortable in your house when YOU do! - Well said Michaela!! Love this home tour and some much beauty in one space ahh!

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor


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