In the Kitchen: Cranberry Pom Lemonade Cocktail

The temps have finally cooled off and as the last weeks of summer slip away, we're entering into my favorite season of all; fall! Before summer is completely gone, though, you have to try this yummy drink I made the other day. Since I was drinking it during my work day, it was sans alcohol, but for a party, you could easily spice it up ;)

Cranberry Pom Lemonade Cocktail

- 1/2 cup cranberry / pomegranate juice
- 1/2 cup lemonade
- top off the glass with spite or 7up
- mint leaves as a garnish
- a shot of vodka if desired

Combine all ingredients in the glass of your choice and enjoy!

Enjoy your week!



  1. This looks so delicious and refreshing! These pictures are gorgeous!


  2. Looks yummy and what stunning photography!


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