5 Ways I Transition My Home into Fall

Happy OCTOBER! It's a sweet day over here, because this is my 2 year dating anniversary with my boyfriend. I love life with him! And I love that we met in my favorite season.

Transitioning into fall is really fun for me, but I feel the need to do it slowly. If I'm being honest, it's hard to say goodbye to summer! I feel funny about putting out all my fall decor all at once (especially before the leaves have even changed!), so I try to bring things out in stages. Here's my process:

1. First I put out a few pumpkins in a bowl, which I did last week after painting them white and adorning them with gold foil. I'm not really into the orange and red colors, so to fit in with my decor, I went neutral!

2. It got really chilly this week, so I brought out my warm blankets and draped them over the couch. My favorite blanket is from Costco, if you can believe it! But here are a few of my other faves:

Anything you can do to add texture to your home in the cooler seasons is a great way to warm things up.

3. Next I'll add some fall flowers to my porch. I picked up pink and purple Mums today to make the porch a little more festive. (Mums aren't my favorite, but here in Michigan, that's really all you can find and I actually quite like the purple ones I found.) I'll be sharing a picture of them on Instagram today. @michaelanoelledesigns 

4. I've got my eye on some really sweet fall pillows to spruce up my sofa for the season, too.  I'm a big fan of adding a few neutral seasonal pillows to the mix!

5. Next on my list is to find a new delicious smelling Fall candle. When I can, I love to support small, local businesses, so I think I'll go to my local antique store to find a homemade pumpkin spice or apple pie candle. This is mine from last year and it was amazing! (For you locals, I got it from the Painted Farm Girl)

Once we get into November, I'll probably hang a little thanksgiving banner and put out a Give Thanks print. As I said, easing my way into the new season is more fun! It gives me time to really enjoy each part of Fall. 

How are you transitioning your home to reflect Autumn?

Happy Thursday!


  1. Do you have a link to the Costco blanket? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jen! Yes, it's linked above in the word "Costco" but I know it can be hard to tell what's linked sometimes! Sorry about that :) Here it is for you: http://www.costco.com/Micro-Flannel%C2%AE-Sherpa-Reversible-Blanket.product.100135421.html#

    2. Thank you Michaela - appreciate it!


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