Client Progress: Family Room Touches

I'm excited to show a few updates to a client project with you today! For this client, we are sprucing up the look of many rooms in her home to give it that "complete" feeling. With 3 young girls, things need to be practical, yet sophisticated. Today I'm giving you a peek at the family room transformation.  For perspective, we're doing a good old fashioned before & after (well, almost done!)


Because the leather couches are new, my clients decided to keep them and instead just brighten up the room in other ways. She wanted to add some color, pattern and interest. She told me she had the foundation pieces, but the room has never felt cozy, decorated or finished. Here's a look:

I measured, came up with a design plan and then we executed. Here's the space today:


We added a long off-white Trellis Mirror to brighten up this wall above the leather couch, made custom pillow covers to dress up the pair of sofas and hung some fun curtains to tie it together.

And one more sneak peek of the TV wall. It's totally transformed! This was the design plan and this is how it turned out. Looks just like the rendering :)

I shared this update on Instagram the other day:

Now instead of the TV sticking out as a dark black box on the wall, it's surrounded by beautiful artwork, framed in a gorgeous, metallic frame. The new media console is more substantial, taking up more space and completing the look.

Can't wait to get the rest of the house finished and photographed for you to see! It never fails: just a few simple additions can dramatically change the look and feel of a room. It went from house to home with pillows, artwork and some added color and pattern :)

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Happy Tuesday!



  1. So amazed at how just those few touches created such a difference! Looking forward to seeing what else you do for her!

  2. This is such a gorgeous update! I love how you were able to use their existing couched but still make the room look beautiful!



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