Fall Essentials: Coffee Table Books


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It's safe to say I'm obsessed with coffee table books. Why? Because they're filled with gorgeous images that take me to another, more peaceful and inspiring place. When I was little (and my parents remember this well and can attest to this statement!) I despised reading. When it was reading time in my room, I would color in the books instead of actually read them. Early sign of a creative soul, I guess? ;) When I started discovering my passion for design, I always loved flipping through beautiful magazines, so once I found out I could own hardcover magazine-on-steroids type of publications dripping with interiors I loved, I was all over it.

Fast forward many years and I like reading a little more (books that I want to read, I really enjoy!) but still prefer my "picture books". I also adore cooking and baking books, as well as fun drink recipes, devotionals, and flower books. Over the last few years, I have really grown my collection with thanks to family and friends who have gifted me books for holidays, graduation and birthdays. I think I have nearly 20 now! They are all over my house giving decorations height, displayed in my kitchen, on my buffet and at my desk. OH, how I love them.

All of that to say, here are my favorite books as of lately! I tied it into my Fall Essentials series because, well...who wouldn't want a few new reads for fall?! :) This teacup collection book is on my christmas wishlist (refer to this instagram pic of mine to learn more about my tea obsession).

Enjoy, book worms!

Happy Tuesday


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  1. I also do not really like to read , but after reading your article about the Coffee Table book inspired me to start liking read your way


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