Gift Guide: Snow Bunny

DETAILSgreen anorack jacket / white coat / black button up coat / bubblegum coat / gray vest / snowflake socks / blush gloves / gray slouchy hat (under $20!) / plaid scarf

For us folks who live in a freezing tundra for 4-5 months of the year (let's just say it's only going to be 4 this month!) this is the gift guide for you! Maybe you want to add some of these gift ideas to YOUR list, or maybe you want to get them for loved ones. Because really, what's more loving than giving the gift of warming someone's heart? Literally.

I love stuffing socks, hats, and scarves into stockings. I gave my mom a pair of socks in her stocking last year (and even got myself the same pair) and she loves them. She asked for another pair this year. Ask and you shall receive! The above socks are under $17 and are usually discounted 30%. It's the same pair I got last year and was SUPER happy with them. This snowflake print is just a different adorable. Mom, if you're reading this, consider one of your surprises spoiled ;)

A good winter coat is a must. I have 3 and somedays I feel like that's not even enough! In freezing weather, your coat becomes THE outfit, so invest in one you love! This one is on my list. So is this gray puffy jacket. It says it's supposed to keep me warm in 35 degree weather, so that sounds promising!

Also essential are these gloves that allow you to use your phone while you're wearing them. I have this exact pair, and let me tell you, I'm really not sure what I'd do without them. Seriously worth every penny!

Shop more of my favorite warm and cozy finds:

Here's to staying warm!


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  1. I bought that herringbone vest last year, and it's still one of my most worn pieces!



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