Our Engagement Story

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We enjoyed the time with our family...it was so sweet.

I'm so excited to share our engagement story with you! This was the best day ever, thanks for my handsome and thoughtful fiancé (crazy to type that word!) I asked McCann to help me tell the story, so here it is:

Michaela: For the week prior to our engagement, I felt like it could be coming shortly. A few clues came together in my head and I thought, this weekend could be it! (McCann got his hair cut, my best friend had me get my nails done...) But then the morning of our engagement came and I woke up feeling like it wasn't going to happen. I was nervous that I was going to be sad if he didn't propose, so I tried to talk myself out of it. I texted Ashley, my best friend, and told her I didn't think it was going to happen, and she proceeded to convince me it wasn't happening either (even though she was in on the entire plan!)

A week before, we had planned to go on a walk at a local trail together, so I met McCann at our church and we drove together to the trails. Oddly enough, it was only 50 degrees and foggy that day (not bad, when this time of year in Michigan is usually 30 degrees and snowing!) We enjoyed a mile or two walk around the trails together, just talking, laughing and enjoying God's beautiful creation. I thought if he was going to propose, this would be where, but again, I had pretty much talked myself out of it at this time. The only thing that was a little strange was that McCann kept checking his phone for the time. This was odd, because he is never on his phone. I remember asking him about why he kept checking it and he said it was because his roommates kept texting him... ;)

After we got back from our walk and McCann said "that's it, let's get in the car...maybe we can go to dinner somewhere..." I thought that was it. There was no chance it was happening now. We got in the car and started driving away when I said "Isn't this by the apple orchard where we met?" McCann agreed saying, "Oh yes, it is! We should stop in and see if they're open." He said it so nonchalantly that I had no idea of anything. After all, I was the one who brought up the orchard while we were driving by. I'll let McCann share the next part...

McCann: I chose the Robinette's Orchard because it was where we first met (read about that here and here) and I knew it would be special there. When we arrived, I brought Michaela to the exact place we met, right in between the corn maze and the apple tree rows. Once we stopped walking, she quickly spotted the photographer hiding in the corn maze snapping pictures and put the pieces together. She asked, "What is going on here?!" I told her I brought her here for a reason and that I had a question to ask her. Then I popped the question! She said yes ;)

Michaela: I was SO shocked and excited that this was really happening, I could barely get words out. I know I said "OH MY WORD!" about a million times. McCann said some really sweet words to me before he proposed and I really made sure to listen and remember them. I wrote as much as I could remember down the after we got engaged. After he proposed, I kept looking down at my ring, looking up at McCann and smiling so big. We are getting married!

 McCann: After the proposal, we walked across the street to a loft/barn area that I rented out from Robinette's. Earlier in day, I was able to sneak off and decorate it with twinkle lights, a small table with flowers, candles, and two glasses of champagne so that everything would be ready when we got there. Once there, we celebrated with a glass of champagne and a slow dance, then were excited to FaceTime with Michaela's parents to share the news.

All above photos by Missy Alison Photography

Michaela: This was the best day of my life (s0 far) and I'm SO thankful we had Melissa there to capture the proposal. With family far away in California, they were so excited to see the pictures and feel a little more a part of the entire thing. It's been two weeks since we got engaged and I still can't believe it's real. I'm excited to share wedding plans and inspiration with you in the coming months. Our date is set for September! More than anything though, we want to create a marriage more beautiful than our wedding, with God always at the center. 

I just love my beautiful ring. May it always remind us of the covenant promise we are making to each other on our wedding day.
Ashley Slater Photography

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Thank you for sharing in our excitement!



  1. What a beautiful engagement! I love how it was simple, personal, and had so much meaning. Your ring is absolutely stunning! Have fun planning your wedding and preparing for a wonderful marriage :)

  2. YAY! Congratulations, friend! I cannot wait to see you plan a wedding. You're going to be such a gorgeous bride! Big hugs from Texas! XO

  3. Ha, both my girls could not wait to tell me the news. I hated to bust their bubble, but momma got to it first. LOL Congratulations sweet girl! Beautiful couple, gorgeous ring, and I know it is gonna be an amazing wedding.

  4. Yay!!! Congratulations Michaela!!!! I've been off social media for a few weeks, so I'm sorry I missed this earlier. I'm so excited for you! Sending all my best wishes and congratulations and prayers for a beautiful marriage (and wedding day too! ;) xoxo

  5. awe... such a sweet story!! I love how he went out of his way to make it so special for you!!! My husband was super "weird" the day he proposed too (like McCann always checking his phone) and it makes for funny memory... I remember asking him "what is WRONG with you today???" haha. Many congrats! I can't wait to follow along with your wedding planning.. you will be such a beautiful bride!!!

  6. Such an amazing story, it's been a joy watching your journey together!! He's a lucky lucky guy!!!! xo

  7. Such a beautiful story! Congrats to you guys! I just know you two are going to do great things together!


  8. Such a beautiful story - so excited for you both sweet friend x

  9. Such a thoughtful and sweet proposal... Congratulations and may God bless you abundantly and be in the center of your marriage... :)

  10. Congratulations!! What a special story and I know God is going to continue to write more amazing chapters.

  11. Congratulations!!! So exciting! What a sweet story! Looking forward to seeing your beautiful wedding!

  12. Congratulations!!! So exciting! What a sweet story! Looking forward to seeing your beautiful wedding!

  13. Marriage to your best friend with God's hand all over it is simply the BEST! So happy for you!

  14. Congratulations again! This is sooooo sweet :) Love it and that ring is beautiful. Can't wait to see more! May your relationship only grow stronger with more love as the years grow :)

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  15. Loved reading this, M. You two are so beautiful together. I can't wait for you to experience marriage. Love you, friend.


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